Weekly Recap (11/14-11/20)

Monday: Swim—2600 yards
On Monday morning, I went to the pool for Masters.  We did a distance day, which I tend to enjoy.
300 swim
200 kick
200 pull
4 x 50 D.P.S
4 x 50 10-kick roll
500 pace
10 x 50 6-beat kick @ :30
5 x 100 descend
I ended up hopping out the pool before the final planned 500 swim.  I wanted to make sure I was early for my first day of my new job.  The job went well, and I was plenty early.

Tuesday: Run—10k (5 x 1200)
I didn’t know what to expect for my workout on Tuesday.  Honestly, I still felt pretty crappy about everything, and I wasn’t sure if I had the fitness or the drive to fully complete the plan.  But I gave it a shot.
1600m warmup
5 x 1200 with 400 jog recovery
(4:58.4, 4:56.7, 4:54.9, 4:55.9, 4:52.3)
800m cooldown
I took the 1200s one at a time mentally.  The first one felt rough, and I wondered if I had it in me to complete the workout.  I fell behind my pace two laps into the second interval, but I rallied to finish a little faster than I had on my first one.  From then, I told myself I only had to do four and could stop after that.  However, while the fourth was hard, I was able to hold the pace well.  So I decided to do the final planned interval.  This one was much the same, but I really pushed the last 100m.  Last one, fast one.  After this workout, I actually felt okay.

Wednesday: Swim—2600 yards
Another morning at masters.  This was a stroke day, meaning we focused more on form.  Fortunately, the stroke we did was freestyle.  It’s the little things.
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
4 x 50 kick, swim
4 x 50 closed fist
100 easy
4 x 125 (75 build, 50 fast)
100 easy
8 x 25 breakout @ :30
4 x 75 kick, scull, swim
100 easy
3 x 100 descend
There’s not too much to say about this workout.  The 125s were tough and had me breathing hard, as did the 100s at the end.  I didn’t perform wonderfully, but I made it through the workout.

Thursday: Rest
I took a rest day on Thursday.

Friday: Run—4 miles, 1.63 tempo miles @ 6:45/mile
I was going to swim Friday morning, but when I got to the pool, I learned the boilers were out which meant cold air, cold pool, and cold showers.  So I decided not to.  Then at lunch I did my workout.  I was supposed to do two tempo miles at 6:45/mile on the treadmill.
1.5 miles @ 10:00/mile
1.63 miles @ 6:44/mile
.87 miles @ 10:00/mile
I had a rough day on Friday, and I just gave up with less than a half a mile (and less than three minutes) to go. I’m not sure why I gave up considering I think my legs could have handled it. My mind just broke down. And then that evening, I broke down sobbing twice for absolutely no reason.

Saturday: Rest
I was supposed to go on a bike ride, but I decided not to.  I actually felt better than I had in a while on Saturday and didn’t have a terrible day.

Sunday: Run—7 miles (1:01:59)
I went on a run on Sunday morning.  It was unseasonably warm and I was able to run in just a t-shirt and shorts.  I took most of the run pretty easy, but I tried to speed up the last mile and ended up running it just around 7:00.  (It was all very downhill, though, so it’s not too impressive!)


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