Weekly Recap (11/21-11/27)

Monday: Swim—2350 yards
I went to the pool for Masters again.  We had a day that focused on lots of harder intervals with more rest.
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
4 x 50 10 kick roll
4 x 50 closed fist
200 swim
200 (medium, kick, easy, fast)
150 (kick, easy, fast)
100 (easy, fast)
50 fast
100 fast
150 fast
200 fast
200 easy
I swam reasonably well.  There was another set after-the-fact, but I decided to leave a little early so I could get to work a little early.  Since I just barely started my new job, I don’t have any PTO, so I’ve been working extra to make up the time I’ll be taking off for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday: Run—3.23 miles
I went to the track for a mostly easy pre-work run.  Most of the run was just basic, steady-state cardio, but I threw in a couple 400s at (well, a little faster than) race pace.  I felt fine during this workout.  I didn’t want it to be anything difficult, and it wasn’t.

Wednesday: Rest
I took the day off and drove up to Idaho for Thanksgiving.

Thursday: Struttin’ for Stuffin’ 5k—20:55
I’ll write up a race report, but suffice to say, the race went far better than I thought iit would, and I gave it everything.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been so wrecked after a 5k before.

Friday: Rest
I took Friday off to recover and eat leftovers.

Saturday: Rest
I ended up leaving for Salt Lake a day early because I was a little worried the weather forecast on Sunday. I was thinking of running with my dad, but with the change of plans, I didn’t have the time. I also felt myself getting a bit of a cold, and I had a really low (~99) fever.

Sunday: Rest
I woke up with a pretty sore throat and feeling a bit worse than I did on Saturday. I didn’t feel terrible by any means and still felt up to going to church and doing some housework, but I decided on a rest day (and would have probably taken another one anyway, even if I had felt great).


Weekly Recap (11/14-11/20)

Monday: Swim—2600 yards
On Monday morning, I went to the pool for Masters.  We did a distance day, which I tend to enjoy.
300 swim
200 kick
200 pull
4 x 50 D.P.S
4 x 50 10-kick roll
500 pace
10 x 50 6-beat kick @ :30
5 x 100 descend
I ended up hopping out the pool before the final planned 500 swim.  I wanted to make sure I was early for my first day of my new job.  The job went well, and I was plenty early.

Tuesday: Run—10k (5 x 1200)
I didn’t know what to expect for my workout on Tuesday.  Honestly, I still felt pretty crappy about everything, and I wasn’t sure if I had the fitness or the drive to fully complete the plan.  But I gave it a shot.
1600m warmup
5 x 1200 with 400 jog recovery
(4:58.4, 4:56.7, 4:54.9, 4:55.9, 4:52.3)
800m cooldown
I took the 1200s one at a time mentally.  The first one felt rough, and I wondered if I had it in me to complete the workout.  I fell behind my pace two laps into the second interval, but I rallied to finish a little faster than I had on my first one.  From then, I told myself I only had to do four and could stop after that.  However, while the fourth was hard, I was able to hold the pace well.  So I decided to do the final planned interval.  This one was much the same, but I really pushed the last 100m.  Last one, fast one.  After this workout, I actually felt okay.

Wednesday: Swim—2600 yards
Another morning at masters.  This was a stroke day, meaning we focused more on form.  Fortunately, the stroke we did was freestyle.  It’s the little things.
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
4 x 50 kick, swim
4 x 50 closed fist
100 easy
4 x 125 (75 build, 50 fast)
100 easy
8 x 25 breakout @ :30
4 x 75 kick, scull, swim
100 easy
3 x 100 descend
There’s not too much to say about this workout.  The 125s were tough and had me breathing hard, as did the 100s at the end.  I didn’t perform wonderfully, but I made it through the workout.

Thursday: Rest
I took a rest day on Thursday.

Friday: Run—4 miles, 1.63 tempo miles @ 6:45/mile
I was going to swim Friday morning, but when I got to the pool, I learned the boilers were out which meant cold air, cold pool, and cold showers.  So I decided not to.  Then at lunch I did my workout.  I was supposed to do two tempo miles at 6:45/mile on the treadmill.
1.5 miles @ 10:00/mile
1.63 miles @ 6:44/mile
.87 miles @ 10:00/mile
I had a rough day on Friday, and I just gave up with less than a half a mile (and less than three minutes) to go. I’m not sure why I gave up considering I think my legs could have handled it. My mind just broke down. And then that evening, I broke down sobbing twice for absolutely no reason.

Saturday: Rest
I was supposed to go on a bike ride, but I decided not to.  I actually felt better than I had in a while on Saturday and didn’t have a terrible day.

Sunday: Run—7 miles (1:01:59)
I went on a run on Sunday morning.  It was unseasonably warm and I was able to run in just a t-shirt and shorts.  I took most of the run pretty easy, but I tried to speed up the last mile and ended up running it just around 7:00.  (It was all very downhill, though, so it’s not too impressive!)

Weekly Recap (11/07-11/13)

A note about this week: My motivation evaporated in the middle of the week because of the election.  There was sobbing.  And I’m not ashamed to admit that.  Afterwards, nothing really seemed to matter.  Maybe that feeling will evaporate, and maybe it won’t.  As someone who has suffered at the hands of toxic masculinity, it opened up some old wounds that went above and beyond political issues. I was just starting to believe that maybe bullies and abusers don’t always win, and then we elected one as the President of the United States of America.  It is what it is.

Monday: Swim—2600 yards
I headed to the pool on Monday for Masters.  We did a mid-distance day with broken 200s.
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
7 x 50 fast kick, easy swim
4 x 50 closed fist
4 x [2 x 75 build
50 hard
50 easy]
3 x 100 kick @ 2:10
3 x 50 @ :45
I felt a little tired in the pool.  I didn’t feel super strong, but it was still a solid workout.  The kicking set wrecked me, as is normally the case.  Kicking is hard.

Tuesday: Rest
I actually headed to the track early in the morning for a speed workout, but my calf was bothering me from my hill work on Sunday.  Because it only hurt on one side and the rest of my body was only a little stiff and sore from the workout, I decided not to push it.  I’m not exactly young anymore, and last time I ignored an ache like this it stuck around for quite a long time.

Wednesday: Run—3.55 miles (32:36)
I tried to run this morning, but I had only had about four hours of very disturbed sleep.  I was going to swim and go for a long run, but this was all I could manage.

Thursday: Run—4800m (2 x 1200)
Another half-complete workout.  I was supposed to do five 1200s, but I didn’t have the heart and decided to be kind to myself for one more day.
1600m warmup
2 x 1200 (4:59, 4:58)
800m cooldown
It was hard.  I don’t know if I could have made it through the five 1200s, but all I wanted to do was curl up and give up, so I did.  I don’t regret it.  It’s just sports.  It doesn’t matter.

Friday: Swim—2100 yards + dry land drills
We did a snake drill for the majority of practice on Friday. In this drill, we swim back and forth and do a set of exercises on the pool deck at each end of the pool.
300 swim
200 reverse IM
200 IM kick
200 inverse IM
6 x 50 closed fist
4 x 25 underwater
Snake drill
10 x 50 @ :50
If I had been swimming on my own, I would have just given up on this workout. It wasn’t terribly hard but again… the heart just wasn’t there. And I don’t have any important enough goals coming up soon to propel me through the lack of heart

Saturday: Rest
I was going to go on a bike ride, but I couldn’t muster up the energy.

Sunday: Run—9.55 miles (1:24:32)
So, this was the first workout since Tuesday where I didn’t get so overwhelmed with apathy and hopelessness in the middle that I just didn’t care and wanted to give up. It was an okay run.  I felt good throughout the run, and I managed to run around an 8:51/mile pace easily, even though I ran fairly early in the morning and before my muscles had really woken up.

Weekly Recap (10/31-11/06)

Monday: Swim—2200 yards
We had our Halloween workout at Masters. It was a blast. We “trick-or-treated” and chose one door before each set.  All the sets were Halloween themed, too.
300 swim
200 pull
3 x 50 D.P.S
3 x 50 closed fist
3 x 50 swim
200 tombstone kick
50 slow zombie
6 x 50 ninja swim
200 two-headed monster
4 x 100 monster mash
Screamin’ 100
It was a blast.  I love themed workouts, and this one was no exception.  Plus, we got to do a fast 100 off the blocks at the end which I always love doing.

My lane pretty much chose door one the entire time.

Tuesday: Rest
I was dead-tired after staying up until 11:00pm (the horror!) playing a cute Halloween video game (Costume Quest).  So I took the day off and switched my tentatively-planned workouts around to accommodate the rest day.  I didn’t regret this decision for a second.

Wednesday: Swim—2400 yards; Run—3 tempo miles, 5.95 total (51:59)
It was a stroke day, and we worked on freestyle.  Freestyle days are the best.  Stroke days have been frustrating for me lately because I’m not magically great at them and I’m realizing that gaining competence in those strokes will take a lot of work.
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
4 x 50 D.P.S
4 x 50 closed fist
100 kick
3 x 50 10-kick roll
3 x 50 early vertical forearm
3 x 50 hip snap
3 x 50 windmill
8 x 75 descend 1-4, 5-8
100 easy
I felt okay, but I haven’t been feeling all that strong in the pool lately.  I’m not sure if it’s the general busyness and stress of this past month or if it’s imaginary or if it’s something else.  I may just need a good uptick in weekly yardage.

During lunch, I did a tempo run.  I was aiming for three miles at a 7:10/mile pace, and I hit that pace.  I was running the same route I did a few weeks ago.
1.77 miles @ 9:45/mile (17:15)
3 miles @ 7:06/mile (21:19)
1.18 miles @ 11:20/mile (13:23)
As usual, I started a little fast.  However, I held myself in check a little better this week than I did for my tempo run last week.  And it wasn’t as painful as my tempo run last week either.  Both good things. And even though I was a hair slower than the last time I did this workout, I felt stronger at the end, even though it was my second workout of the day.  Still, I’m feeling unsure about my sub-21 goal at my upcoming Turkey Trot.  I’m wondering if 21:30 is more realistic, but I’m still planning on aiming for my original goal come race day.  Go big or go home!

Thursday: Run—9.14 miles (1:18:22)
I did my weekly long run over an extended lunch hour.  My original plan was to run in the morning, but when I saw it was going to be 39° on Thursday morning, I nixed that idea in favor of a warmer lunch run.  I felt fairly strong for the duration of this run, despite feeling the heaviness in my legs from Wednesday’s tempo run.  The weather was perfect, and I actually enjoyed most of the run.  Plus, after going for a long run during lunch, I felt super accomplished and pleasantly exhausted for the rest of the afternoon.

Friday: Swim—2400 yards
We had a pretty decent workout in the pool.  I tried to take it fairly easy because I knew I had a swim meet the next day.
200 reverse IM
200 IM kick
200 inverse IM
6 x 50 closed fist
4 x 25 underwater
10 minute swim (675 yards)
125 easy
20 x 25 @ :25
100 easy
I did the 10 minute swim comfortably hard and managed to hit about a 1:30/100 yard pace during it which seemed like a good sign for my 500 yard freestyle at the swim meet the next day.  Additionally, the 25s were manageable as well, and I swam most of them right around 20 seconds, despite taking it relatively easy.

Saturday: Swim meet
I’ll post a recap of this later in the week, but overall, I was pleased with how it went.  I did four events: the 50 free, 500 free, 100 free and 200 free.  With warmups and cooldowns factored in, I’d guess I ended up swimming between 2000 and 2500 yards for the day.

Sunday: Hill repeats, 4.74 miles total (51:15)
I was planning on doing intervals at the track, but when I got to the track, it was all locked up.  Ugh.  I almost decided to skip working out at all, but I rallied and decided to do some hill repeats as a replacement for speed work
1.81 miles @ 10:31/mile (19:03)
6 x 0.14 mile hill (jog back down for recovery)
1:05.5, 1:09.7, 1:08.9,
1:05.8, 1:07.6, 1:07.3
1.25 miles @  10:30/mile (13:08)
Most of my hill repeats were in the ballpark of an 8:00/mile pace, plus or minus 20 seconds.  (Being such a short distance, just a few seconds makes a big difference in the pace.)  The hill I ran is tough (11% grade), so these repeats hurt.  Sitting here writing about it, I wonder if I could have or should have busted out another two for eight instead of six, but I was pretty gutted at the end of the workout, so that might not have been realistic.

Life lately

October was busy.  Good busy, but busy nonetheless.

So even though I’ve been posting regularly, I feel as if I’ve fallen off a bit as a blogger.  I’ve been posting, and I’ve been (mostly) keeping up on reading, but I haven’t been commenting much, and neither blogging nor training have been the priorities they were when I was training for my Ironman.

Despite my natural tendency to shy away from busy-ness, this period of time has been beneficial.

I wasn’t training for an Ironman anymore, but my mind was still in training mode.  I wanted to take a break but didn’t know quite how to approach it.  It was kind of like I had forgotten how to be a normal human being.  Having a month jam-packed full of other things allowed me to reset my focus and to remember what it’s actually like to exercise regularly (and even train for specific events) without it being the primary focus in my life.

I’ve socialized more this month than I had in the past six months combined.

Rob and I had two weddings to attend this month.  They were both in Boise which meant two whirlwind weekend road trips.  He ended up getting sick and staying home for one of them, but both weddings were wonderful.

My mom made us take a picture, so we revolted and posed with the present.

In addition to the weddings, we had some friends (actually, one of the newly married couples!) come into town for the weekend.  We showed them around Salt Lake City and went to a couple of our favorite restaurants.

And then, of course, there was Halloween weekend.  Neither Rob nor I had a costume this year, but it was a busy weekend nonetheless.  On Saturday, we went up to the mountains for a Halloween party, and on Sunday, we had some friends over and carved pumpkins.  Rob’s haunted house jack-o-lantern was the star of the show.

A host of jack-o-lanterns.  Rob did the rad haunted house.  I did the two goofy ones.

I (pretty unsuccessfully) tried to get on top of regular adult tasks like going to the bank and doing the dishes.  Some improvements were made, but this aspect of my life still has the “needs improvement” label.

The biggest change this month is that I got a new job as a medical writer.  This job is much closer to home, and I should be able to commute by bike most days.  But the application process was fast and furious.  And since the process included quite a few different steps, it took up a decent chunk of my time and mental energy.  Of course, it was well worth it, and I’m excited to start once I finish up at my current job.

Needless to say, there’s been a lot going on and a lot of (mostly) good stress.  I’m still looking forward to a few low-key weeks that will allow me to rest and recharge, though.