Weekly Recap (11/07-11/13)

A note about this week: My motivation evaporated in the middle of the week because of the election.  There was sobbing.  And I’m not ashamed to admit that.  Afterwards, nothing really seemed to matter.  Maybe that feeling will evaporate, and maybe it won’t.  As someone who has suffered at the hands of toxic masculinity, it opened up some old wounds that went above and beyond political issues. I was just starting to believe that maybe bullies and abusers don’t always win, and then we elected one as the President of the United States of America.  It is what it is.

Monday: Swim—2600 yards
I headed to the pool on Monday for Masters.  We did a mid-distance day with broken 200s.
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
7 x 50 fast kick, easy swim
4 x 50 closed fist
4 x [2 x 75 build
50 hard
50 easy]
3 x 100 kick @ 2:10
3 x 50 @ :45
I felt a little tired in the pool.  I didn’t feel super strong, but it was still a solid workout.  The kicking set wrecked me, as is normally the case.  Kicking is hard.

Tuesday: Rest
I actually headed to the track early in the morning for a speed workout, but my calf was bothering me from my hill work on Sunday.  Because it only hurt on one side and the rest of my body was only a little stiff and sore from the workout, I decided not to push it.  I’m not exactly young anymore, and last time I ignored an ache like this it stuck around for quite a long time.

Wednesday: Run—3.55 miles (32:36)
I tried to run this morning, but I had only had about four hours of very disturbed sleep.  I was going to swim and go for a long run, but this was all I could manage.

Thursday: Run—4800m (2 x 1200)
Another half-complete workout.  I was supposed to do five 1200s, but I didn’t have the heart and decided to be kind to myself for one more day.
1600m warmup
2 x 1200 (4:59, 4:58)
800m cooldown
It was hard.  I don’t know if I could have made it through the five 1200s, but all I wanted to do was curl up and give up, so I did.  I don’t regret it.  It’s just sports.  It doesn’t matter.

Friday: Swim—2100 yards + dry land drills
We did a snake drill for the majority of practice on Friday. In this drill, we swim back and forth and do a set of exercises on the pool deck at each end of the pool.
300 swim
200 reverse IM
200 IM kick
200 inverse IM
6 x 50 closed fist
4 x 25 underwater
Snake drill
10 x 50 @ :50
If I had been swimming on my own, I would have just given up on this workout. It wasn’t terribly hard but again… the heart just wasn’t there. And I don’t have any important enough goals coming up soon to propel me through the lack of heart

Saturday: Rest
I was going to go on a bike ride, but I couldn’t muster up the energy.

Sunday: Run—9.55 miles (1:24:32)
So, this was the first workout since Tuesday where I didn’t get so overwhelmed with apathy and hopelessness in the middle that I just didn’t care and wanted to give up. It was an okay run.  I felt good throughout the run, and I managed to run around an 8:51/mile pace easily, even though I ran fairly early in the morning and before my muscles had really woken up.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (11/07-11/13)

  1. I had a tough week over the election too. My mother is a malignant narcissist, and Truml acts so much like her, right down to the inability to apologize, that I feel like a dangerous person has been handed the most powerful job in the world. And on top, his supporters are terrifying. Running has helped, but I’ve also signed up for some volunteering that I hope will combat some of the things yet to come.

    Keep hanging in there. I’m hanging in too.

    Oh, and I had to chuckle at your “not being young anymore”. I have at least a decade on you, and I’m young, dammit! 😉

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  2. Hanna @ minimal marathoner

    I didn’t run at all after the election, so you are better than I. Too little sleep + too much stress, I just couldn’t force myself out the door for anything. It was a horrible week – even when I was no longer upset, I couldn’t concentrate at work and barely got anything done. I’m hoping to get back in the saddle this week. It is hard trying to start a routine with so much going on, but I miss running!

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    1. It’s been really rough! I thought I was doing better and “over it” a little, but I really don’t think I am. I would have totally skipped work the next day if it wasn’t my last week at the job. Ugh.


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