Weekly Recap (10/31-11/06)

Monday: Swim—2200 yards
We had our Halloween workout at Masters. It was a blast. We “trick-or-treated” and chose one door before each set.  All the sets were Halloween themed, too.
300 swim
200 pull
3 x 50 D.P.S
3 x 50 closed fist
3 x 50 swim
200 tombstone kick
50 slow zombie
6 x 50 ninja swim
200 two-headed monster
4 x 100 monster mash
Screamin’ 100
It was a blast.  I love themed workouts, and this one was no exception.  Plus, we got to do a fast 100 off the blocks at the end which I always love doing.

My lane pretty much chose door one the entire time.

Tuesday: Rest
I was dead-tired after staying up until 11:00pm (the horror!) playing a cute Halloween video game (Costume Quest).  So I took the day off and switched my tentatively-planned workouts around to accommodate the rest day.  I didn’t regret this decision for a second.

Wednesday: Swim—2400 yards; Run—3 tempo miles, 5.95 total (51:59)
It was a stroke day, and we worked on freestyle.  Freestyle days are the best.  Stroke days have been frustrating for me lately because I’m not magically great at them and I’m realizing that gaining competence in those strokes will take a lot of work.
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
4 x 50 D.P.S
4 x 50 closed fist
100 kick
3 x 50 10-kick roll
3 x 50 early vertical forearm
3 x 50 hip snap
3 x 50 windmill
8 x 75 descend 1-4, 5-8
100 easy
I felt okay, but I haven’t been feeling all that strong in the pool lately.  I’m not sure if it’s the general busyness and stress of this past month or if it’s imaginary or if it’s something else.  I may just need a good uptick in weekly yardage.

During lunch, I did a tempo run.  I was aiming for three miles at a 7:10/mile pace, and I hit that pace.  I was running the same route I did a few weeks ago.
1.77 miles @ 9:45/mile (17:15)
3 miles @ 7:06/mile (21:19)
1.18 miles @ 11:20/mile (13:23)
As usual, I started a little fast.  However, I held myself in check a little better this week than I did for my tempo run last week.  And it wasn’t as painful as my tempo run last week either.  Both good things. And even though I was a hair slower than the last time I did this workout, I felt stronger at the end, even though it was my second workout of the day.  Still, I’m feeling unsure about my sub-21 goal at my upcoming Turkey Trot.  I’m wondering if 21:30 is more realistic, but I’m still planning on aiming for my original goal come race day.  Go big or go home!

Thursday: Run—9.14 miles (1:18:22)
I did my weekly long run over an extended lunch hour.  My original plan was to run in the morning, but when I saw it was going to be 39° on Thursday morning, I nixed that idea in favor of a warmer lunch run.  I felt fairly strong for the duration of this run, despite feeling the heaviness in my legs from Wednesday’s tempo run.  The weather was perfect, and I actually enjoyed most of the run.  Plus, after going for a long run during lunch, I felt super accomplished and pleasantly exhausted for the rest of the afternoon.

Friday: Swim—2400 yards
We had a pretty decent workout in the pool.  I tried to take it fairly easy because I knew I had a swim meet the next day.
200 reverse IM
200 IM kick
200 inverse IM
6 x 50 closed fist
4 x 25 underwater
10 minute swim (675 yards)
125 easy
20 x 25 @ :25
100 easy
I did the 10 minute swim comfortably hard and managed to hit about a 1:30/100 yard pace during it which seemed like a good sign for my 500 yard freestyle at the swim meet the next day.  Additionally, the 25s were manageable as well, and I swam most of them right around 20 seconds, despite taking it relatively easy.

Saturday: Swim meet
I’ll post a recap of this later in the week, but overall, I was pleased with how it went.  I did four events: the 50 free, 500 free, 100 free and 200 free.  With warmups and cooldowns factored in, I’d guess I ended up swimming between 2000 and 2500 yards for the day.

Sunday: Hill repeats, 4.74 miles total (51:15)
I was planning on doing intervals at the track, but when I got to the track, it was all locked up.  Ugh.  I almost decided to skip working out at all, but I rallied and decided to do some hill repeats as a replacement for speed work
1.81 miles @ 10:31/mile (19:03)
6 x 0.14 mile hill (jog back down for recovery)
1:05.5, 1:09.7, 1:08.9,
1:05.8, 1:07.6, 1:07.3
1.25 miles @  10:30/mile (13:08)
Most of my hill repeats were in the ballpark of an 8:00/mile pace, plus or minus 20 seconds.  (Being such a short distance, just a few seconds makes a big difference in the pace.)  The hill I ran is tough (11% grade), so these repeats hurt.  Sitting here writing about it, I wonder if I could have or should have busted out another two for eight instead of six, but I was pretty gutted at the end of the workout, so that might not have been realistic.

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