Weekly Recap (9/05-9/11)

Monday: Bike—1:33:46 (21.97 miles); Swim—2500 yards
Rob and I went for a bike ride in the morning.  It was a beautiful autumn day, so we took it easy and did some bike exploring.  We rode through some gorgeous neighborhoods and some wonderful older neighborhoods.  He showed me the house he used to live in when he was a young kid, as well as the way he used to walk to school every morning.  It was a low-key ride, but it was tons of fun.

Later in the day, I went to the pool for a swim.  Since my kicking is weak compared to the rest of my stroke, I wanted to work some on that.
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
4 x 50 (kick, swim)
4 x 50 (closed fist)
5 x 100 @ 1:40
10 x 50 kick @ 1:15
2 x 250 easy
This workout ended up being tough.  I think the heavy-for-me week of swimming last week caught up to me.  I swam the 100s well (all between 1:21 and 1:24), but I was glad that I only had five of them.  Similarly, I kept up my pace well on the 50s (around :55 seconds each), but they were rough.  I had tentatively planned on doing another five fast 100s after the 50s, but I wasn’t feeling it, so I did some easy yardage instead.

Tuesday: Rest
I was surprisingly tired after my swim on Monday, so I took Tuesday as my rest day.  I had a relaxing evening where I did nothing in particular, and I got to bed early and slept well.

Wednesday: Swim—2100 yards
I dutifully went to Masters on Wednesday morning so I could learn other strokes besides freestyle.  Apparently, it’s “good for me” or something.  We did breaststroke.  I mostly did freestyle for the warmup until the drills that we did.
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
6 x 50 (2 kick, 1 pull)
6 x 50 (3 second glide)
3 x 50 (breaststroke with dolphin kick)
3 x 50 (piston kick, easy breaststroke)
3 x 50 (kick on back)
3 x 50 (cobra drill, easy breaststroke)
100 easy freestyle
4 x 50 breaststroke @ 1:10
As you can see, a lot of the workout was drills.  As tedious as drills can be, I know I need to do a lot of them when learning these strokes that I’m not very good at yet.  Once we hit the actual breaststroke reps at the end of the workout, we were already running out of time.  I was actually surprised at how fast I managed these.  I ended up swimming them in about :55 each when I didn’t think I had any hope of swimming them under a minute.  I mean, that’s still slow, but it was faster than I thought it would be.

Thursday: Run—5800m
I didn’t know what to expect when I headed to the track Thursday morning to do some speed work.  I decided to treat it like an evaluation to see where my speed/fitness is and allow myself to go with the flow as the workout progressed.
1600m warmup
4 x 400 (1:33.4, 1:30.7, 1:29.3, 1:24.8)
1000 (3:59.9)
4 x 200 (35.4, 35.1, 36.3, 35.7)
800m cool-down
I guessed that my 5k pace was around 7:00/mile (just a hair faster than my current PR).  The prescribed workout, then, was to run the 400s at a 6:45/mile pace and the 1000 at a 6:50/mile pace.  If you look at my actual times, it’s pretty clear that I ran everything faster than I was “supposed” to.  However, I felt strong.  As you can see from my 400s, even though I was “too fast” from the get-go, I ran at a fairly conservative pace considering I just kept getting faster throughout the set.  I ran my 1000 evenly without slowing down much.  And I felt great up until I hit those 200s.  I was nailing it, and the workout felt, dare I say, easy.  The 200s had a little less rest (1 minute of stationary rest versus walking a 200), and they were a lot faster.  And boy, they were tough.  I kept my pace pretty well, and I was proud of myself for speeding up a bit on the last one instead of continuing to slow down.  I expected to be around :40 for these 200m intervals.  I honestly thought that my full-out can-only-do-one-rep time for a 200m in practice would be around :35, so I was pleased I could hold that pace for four of them.  But it was hard.

Friday: Swim—1700 yards + dry land drills
I woke up very sore from my workout on Thursday, which I expected.  I was glad I was swimming instead of running or riding my bike.  And then I got to the pool and found out we were doing a lot of dry land drills.  Awesome.  I had mentioned I was super sore to the coach, though, and he graciously did not add lunges to the list of drills.  He also specifically told me I could modify anything I needed to, but I actually felt okay, so I didn’t.
200 reverse IM
200 IM kick
200 inverse IM
6 x 50 (closed fist)
4 x 25 (underwater)
Snake drill
200 easy
For the snake drill, we swam 25 yards to one end of the pool, hopped out and did a drill, then hopped back in and swam back to the first side of the pool.  We snaked through all four lanes (hence the name) and rotated through eight dry land drills including crunches, push-ups, triceps dips and lunges.

Saturday: Bike—2:21:14 (32.73 miles)
I explored some new ground on the bike on Saturday.  I had been wanting to climb Millcreek Canyon for a long time, but Rob’s description of a section with a 20% grade stopped me.  However, Rob assured me it was easier than Little Cottonwood Canyon which I struggled up last year, and since my Ironman is done and I don’t need to worry about speed or distance anymore, I decided to give it a go.  I left mid-morning and arrived at the mouth of the canyon after about thirty minutes.  Once I started to get up into the trees, it was beautiful.  Rob promised me it would be sylvan, and I wasn’t disappointed.  There was surprisingly little vehicle traffic, and most of the canyon wasn’t too overwhelming.  A few miles from the top of the canyon, I hit the portion of the road that is closed during the winter.  The road narrowed immediately, and the grade became much more difficult.  I would be almost in my granny-gear and standing up to make it up a section, then the grade would flatten out a bit.  This went on for a while until I saw the 20% grade wall that Rob had mentioned.  There was a slight descent approaching it, so I went in with some speed and was able to power up it without too much trouble.  I reached the top and stopped for a rest and snack (Honey Stinger waffle).  Then it was back down.  The descent was a little terrifying, but I played it safe and went slow when I needed to.  I was pretty crushed at the end of the ride, but I was glad I was able to cross this canyon off my list.


Sunday: Bike—1:00:31 (15.35 miles)
I didn’t have anything in particular planned on Sunday. I woke up and had a relaxing morning with the knowledge that if I felt like doing something later, I could. After I got back from church, Rob asked if I wanted to go for a bike ride.  Never one to turn down an easy spin, I agreed and we headed out.  It was a little warm, but we had a nice, relaxing ride that worked out a lot of the residual stiffness from my speed work a few days earlier.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (9/05-9/11)

  1. I love Millcreek canyon – the trails there are so nice and you can bring your dog off-leash on odd days. Nice work on the swimming! I had no idea that you would go out of the pool to do land work but it seems so obvious. And nice job on stepping outside the comfort zone and doing those new strokes and track work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was not a huge fan of the dry land work, but it was probably good for me. It’s the only arm-based strength training anything that I’ve done in years, so there’s that! I just wish I could have been doing that stuff not soaking wet and in a swimsuit on a slippery deck!


  2. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    I think we have to be careful when using PRs to decide workout paces. Your paces for the workout were probably faster and you felt stronger because your current 5K PR is no longer indicative of your now-advanced fitness level. I see a lot of people sell themselves short trying to set paces and goal times based on out-of-date PRs. This cycle I have had to do some time trial runs, and I think those are a little better for setting workout standards because they are as current as you can get. Maybe you could plug in the times from your Thurs workout to come up with some 5K race goals and workout paces, should you choose to go that route this fall.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you are right about the danger of using PRs as workout paces. Doing speed work for the first time since the Ironman was just a giant guessing game because I wasn’t sure if I had lost speed or not. I’m planning on doing a more predictive workout at the track this week (4 x 1600) so that I can have some idea of what pace is reasonable in a 5k I have coming up. After that, I think I’ll have a better idea if breaking 20 is reasonable this fall or if it would be a multi-year goal.


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