Weekly Recap (8/22-8/28)

Monday: Rest
On Monday, Rob and I drove back to Nampa to spend one more night with my family.  My sisters and nieces and nephews came over and we had a little party with pizza and ice cream cake.  It was a fun way to celebrate my accomplishment!

The older two are learning to look at the camera for pictures, at least!

Tuesday: Rest
And on Tuesday, Rob and I drove back to Salt Lake.  We were 100% exhausted by the time we were done with the drive.  The adrenaline from the weekend was wearing off.  Neither one of us even unpacked.

Wednesday: Rest
It was my first day back at work.  I was actually glad to get back into my regular routine.  Fortunately, my day-to-day work has been light lately (I’ve been working on project-type things instead), so I didn’t have any catastrophes or any build-up of work waiting for me.

Thursday: Swim—Masters swim team
I ventured back to the pool for my first post-Ironman workout.  We did a distance set in Masters, but I took it pretty easy.  The workout was as follows:
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
6 x 50 (distance per stroke)
4 x 25 (eyes closed)
3 x (200 build
5 minutes swim)
150 easy
I was surprised how rough this workout was on me.  For the rest of the day, I felt like I had done a long run or bike ride in the morning instead of an easy swim.  Ironman fatigue is real!

Friday: Run—30:00
I kind of felt like being active on Friday, but I wasn’t feeling an early wakeup and hard swim in the morning.  So I brought my running clothes to work and did a quick and easy thirty minutes during lunch.  I took it very slow, and I was still feeling pretty tired and ready to stop by the end.  However, it didn’t seem to wipe me out as completely as my swim the day before had, which surprised me a bit.

Saturday: Bike—1:00:20 (16.47 miles)
On Saturday morning, I took my bike out for the first time since the race.  It was remarkably easy getting ready for a short morning ride as opposed to a 6-7 hour long one.  My legs were a little slow getting started, but once I warmed up a bit, I felt surprisingly good.  I couldn’t have handled any serious hills, but the route I did felt just fine.  This was the first workout where I wasn’t thinking that I was tired/stiff/sore from the Ironman the entire time, so I think I’m recovering well.

Sunday: Bike—1:00:28 (16.43 miles)
I did another easy ride on Sunday morning.  It almost exactly the same as my ride on Saturday morning, and I felt equally okay.  I’m definitely not fully recovered yet.  These short workouts are fine, but I can’t believe how wiped out I am at the end of a remarkably relaxing day.  I know I’m getting there, though, and I suspect that after another week or two of taking things easy, I’ll be able to start thinking about what I want to accomplish between now and the start of the next triathlon season.


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