Weekly Recap (8/15-8/21)

Monday: Swim—20 minutes; Bike—30:41 (8.84 miles); Run—30:00 (3.45 miles)
On Monday, I woke up and headed to the pool… last workout in Salt Lake City!  I did four sets of five minutes at an easy pace.  I focused on my form in the water and on keeping a long and relaxed stroke.   After the swim, I headed straight to Rob’s house, and we left for Nampa (where we were staying a few days before heading up to Coeur d’Alene).

When we got to Nampa, I went out for a short ride followed by a short run.  I tried to do these around Ironman pace.  I succeeded on the bike (though I went by effort rather than pace because it was a flat ride) and didn’t succeed on the run (too fast!).

Tuesday: Swim—900 yards; Run—15:00; Bike—22:05 (6.52 miles)
On Tuesday, I had very short sessions in each sport.  The shorter workout time was nice, but getting ready for each sport was a pain.  I started out with a swim in the morning.  After a short warm-up, I did six fast 50s and then a short cooldown.  Afterwards, on the indoor track inside the gym I was using, I did my run, which was very similar—a five minute warm-up followed by five one minutes strides with a five minute cooldown afterwards.  Then I went back to my parents’ house and did a similar ride.  I warmed up for five minutes, did five two minute fast efforts, and then cooled down.  I was done before 8:00am and had the rest of the day to relax and play with my nieces and nephews.

Wednesday: Run—25:00 (2.63 miles); Bike—50:18 (14.53 miles)
I woke up before the sun and got going on my run.  I did the run first because I didn’t feel comfortable riding in the dark on unfamiliar roads.  The run was supposed to be a warm-up, a short cruise a little faster than race pace, and a cool-down.  My overall pace was 9:30/mile, so I think I hit those paces pretty well.  The ride was similar—a warm-up, a cruise at race pace, and a cool-down.  I felt strong on the bike and enjoyed the ride.  The sunrise was beautiful, and I made it out to some farmland which only made the scenery more enjoyable.  Then I went to my sister’s house and saw my wonderful niece leave for her first day of kindergarten.  She was so excited she couldn’t even stop wiggling for the picture!

Thursday: Swim—20:03
On Thursday, Rob, my parents, and I packed up two cars and made the drive to Coeur d’Alene.  Thursday was all about settling in.  We stopped in town for a quick practice swim.  The water was wonderful, if a little warm. I was pleasantly surprised at how little chop there was.  I honestly felt a little weak in the water, but I chalked it up to being in the car for over seven hours directly prior to swimming and didn’t think too much of it.  After the swim, we all drove up to the house where we were staying.  It was about twenty minutes outside of town, but it had a beautiful backyard.


Friday: REST
I imagine I’ll talk about the check-in process and the whole Ironman experience in my race report, so I’ll keep it light here.  Friday was the day for checking in to the race, going to the athlete briefing, and checking out the Ironman store.  So, while it was a rest day, I actually had to make a concerted effort to make sure I got the rest I needed and didn’t completely tire myself out by walking around all day.

Saturday: Run—10:00; Swim—10:00; Bike—20:00
I had a quick run-through of all three events on Saturday, just to wake up my muscles and remind them what they would be doing for hours upon hours the next day.  I didn’t measure out my distances for any of this.  I wanted to see how I felt and not be tempted to analyze a bunch of numbers and paces the day before the race.  I felt fresh and strong, which was encouraging.  I ran before heading into town.  It was actually cold, and I donned a long-sleeve t-shirt for the first time in ages.  Once we got into town, I went for a quick swim. The water was perfect.  It was still as warm as it was on Thursday, but I swam earlier, and the cooler air made the slightly-too-warm water feel perfect.  And after that, I did a short ride.  My legs felt fresh, and I enjoyed getting onto the bike for the first time in a few days.

Sunday (projected): Swim—2.4 miles; Bike—112 miles; Run—26.2 miles
Okay, so I’m posting this weekly recap before the race.  Here’s hoping I actually make it through these distances!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (8/15-8/21)

      1. 50in50marathonquest

        Awesome!! It has been fun and inspiring to follow your journey and looking forward to the IronMan worthy recap!!


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