One month check up

One month until my race.  I want to go back and punch Past Katie right in the mouth for signing me up for this monstrosity.

Other than that, I guess I’m feeling okay, though.

The upside to being so close to the race is that I’ve actually experience moments where I feel like I’m prepared.  My 6.5 hour ride following by a 25 minute run last weekend was one of those times.  I actually felt absolutely fine on the bike for the last thirty minutes and was holding it together during the run without too much trouble.  The downside of being so close to the race is that during moments where I feel like I’m decidedly not prepared, the panic is real.  There’s no more months of training to help relieve my fears.  It’s coming.  And I better be ready.


My fitness is as good as it’s ever been.  I PR’ed in every leg of my recent Olympic triathlon (by a lot!).  And for the first time during the run, I didn’t crack.  In fact, I think I ran just about even splits for the first and second half of the run.  In general, I feel good about where I am fitness-wise, but I do wish I were a little further along in my cycling fitness.  There’s nothing I can do about it now, and I feel like I did about as much as I could during the training cycle considering my relative newness to cycling.  But, as I’ve said to Rob, I feel like I’m the cycling equivalent of a runner who can go out and run forever at a 12:00/mile pace with no trouble at all but can’t seem to break 4:30 in the marathon.

General health:
No nagging aches and pains.  No colds.  No weight loss.  Ironman training suits me! (Ha.)  But really, I feel good, considering everything.  The only thing that keeps getting me is just being tired.  There is a bone-deep, soul-crushing fatigue that comes with Ironman training, and it’s been a struggle to keep that at bay.  That fatigue feels abnormal and unhealthy (as opposed to just normal tiredness or even “normal” exhaustion), so I’m doing what I can to avoid it.  Last week, that meant taking an extra rest day.  This week, I’m feeling better on that front, and since it’s peak week, I have hope that I’m in the clear.


I’m a bundle of nerves.  An overworked, cranky bundle of nerves.  I’ve noticed that I’m pretty constantly one minor incident away from a bad day.  I think it’s the stress and the fatigue.  I’m probably horrible to be around, and I’ve apologized to Rob on several occasions, but he’s said I’m not much different than usual.  I don’t know if that means I’m doing better than I thought or just that I’m always horrible.


Longest swim: 4000 yards

Longest ride: 107.3 miles

Longest run: 20.7 miles

Most encouraging workout: My 107.3 mile bike ride.  If my ride on race day goes this well, I think I’ll be in a good spot.  I managed to do this ride at an average speed of 16.5mph, even with 8000 feet of elevation gain (the race has just about 6000 feet).  And the kicker?  At 6 hour and 15 minutes, I felt weirdly great.  I didn’t even hate being on the bike!

Most discouraging workout: My hour long run the day after the aforementioned bike ride.  If I was certain of my success after the bike ride, I was certain of my failure after this run.  Every step was a struggle, and the entire time I fretted about how I would run a marathon after 112 miles on the bike if I could barely manage an hour run the day after a long bike ride.

Average time per sport per week

Swimming: 167.5 minutes (2.8 hours)

Cycling: 453 minutes (7.55 hours)

Running: 252.5 minutes (4.2 hours)

Other: 67 minutes (1.1 hours)


Looking to the future

There’s not much future to look towards anymore (at least in regards to the Ironman).  But I’m approaching taper, and I intend to take it seriously.  I’ve put in the hard work.  Looking back over my training, I don’t have any major regrets or misgivings about my dedication and effort levels.  I’m going to work hard for the rest of peak week and stay focused during my taper.  Hopefully, that leads to the race I want.



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