Weekly Recap (7/04-7/10)

Monday: Bike—5:31:21 (94.57 miles); Run—20:00 (2.14 miles)
Another crazy big day.  Because I was racing on Saturday and happened to have Monday off for the 4th of July, I decided to do my long ride for the week at the beginning of the week so that I could focus on my race over the weekend.  Rob thought I was a little crazy for going doing two such massive rides in three days, and he was probably right.  I did decide to do a flat route instead of my usual route which includes quite a bit of climbing.  I write more about the ride here, so I won’t go into excruciating detail.  I got valuable (if unwelcome at the time) practice riding against the wind.  I still need to work on my nutrition.  My hydration this ride was the best it’s been (maybe a little too good, considering all my bathroom breaks…), but I felt my legs start to drag in my run because of a lack of fuel.

Tuesday: Run—1:15:00 (8.33 miles); 8-minute abs
My legs were dead on Tuesday, so I set out with the intention of running easy.  I was technically supposed to do some faster strides during this run, but I decided that after my big weekend, it would be better for me to take the whole thing at a slow, easy pace.  If I had been better rested for this workout, I may have used it as an opportunity to get some heat training again, but again, I decided that the potential risk of putting my legs through too much wasn’t worth the potential benefit.  So instead, I headed out on this run from the office around 7:00am.  Let me tell you, running easy felt nice.  I could feel the stiffness being worked out of my legs.  On the way back in, I even picked up the pace a bit.  I ended up finishing this run with an average pace of 9:00/mile which felt really good considering my day on Monday.  Additionally (and perhaps more importantly), I held good form the entire way through the run from the beginning (when I was stiff as a board) to the end (when I was started to get tired).  And hey, I ran almost 1/3 of a marathon on (very) tired legs, so that’s got to be a good sign! In the evening, I did some core work, but other than that, I took it easy.

Wednesday: Bike—1:30:23 (24.4 miles); Strength—15 minutes; 8-minute abs
I did my strength and core work during lunch and then headed out for my bike ride after work.  It was my first time riding on my carbon race wheels.  Rob got them for me for Christmas, but I didn’t want to train on them all spring (in bad weather and such), and I just got around to putting them on.  They were awesome.  The aerodynamic benefit doesn’t kick in until you get up near 20mph, but the carbon wheels are also stiffer, and you see the benefit of that immediately.  I noticed right away that I accelerated faster.  I specifically set out to take it easy on this ride because of my big week so far (and my race on Saturday).  However, even trying to take it easy and with tired legs, I still rode the fastest I’ve ever ridden on that particular route.  I’m excited to see what else these wheels can do!

New carbon wheels!

Thursday: Swim—“Open water” practice; Strength—15 minutes
I felt the week catching up to me on Thursday.  My legs were starting to feel recovered from my giant weekend, but I was exhausted.  Still, I got up and went to Masters practice in the morning.  As is typical, we did open water practice.  After warming up, we learned a bit about open water panic and how to combat it.  I haven’t experienced open water panic yet, but I’ve heard that most swimmers do eventually, so it’s good to be prepared.  We practiced “calming” techniques, but in order to mimic the panic experience (high heart rate, fast breathing, etc.), we did sprints.  So it was basically a tough interval workout which at least included plenty of rest.  After work, I did some light strength training.  I didn’t want to do my regular routine because I wanted to give my legs at least some rest before my race on Saturday.

Friday: REST
I took a complete rest day on Friday.  I intended to do some ab work, but I was pretty tired and just wasn’t feeling it, so I took it off to give myself that much more rest before my race the next day.

Saturday: Echo Olympic Triathlon—2:32:59.6; Swim—4000 yards
I’ll have a race report up later this week, but the Olympic triathlon went very well!  I outperformed my expectations and executed a smart race.  The only somewhat troubling thing was a pain in my left glute while cycling (mostly when in the aero position).  Said pain is nowhere to be seen in my right glute, so I’m a touch worried about it.  I’ll keep watching it over the next few days and be careful not to aggravate it.

After the race, some food, and a little nap, I headed to the pool for a swim workout.  I gave myself permission to swim easier than I normally would have and cut the workout short if I just wasn’t feeling it.  I did swim easier than normal, but I didn’t feel the need to cut the workout short.  In fact, being in the pool felt quite nice!
4 x 200 (swim, kick, pull, swim)
1950 ladder (300, 275, 250, etc.)
10 x 100 (descend 1-5, 6-10)
5 x 50 easy
I took fifteen seconds between the intervals during the ladder (and swam them all easy!) and ten seconds between the 100s.  I only swam the last couple of each set of five “fast.”  I started off very slow so I would have a lot of leeway to get faster throughout each set.  I was honestly surprised at how good I felt after my hard effort earlier in the day.

Sunday: Run—2:01:11 (12.7 miles); Strength—15 minutes; 8-minute abs
I woke up (way too early) a little sore and very stiff.  My long run was scheduled to be 2.5 hours this week, but due to my race the day before, I told myself that I would do two hours instead, unless I was feeling really good at the end of two hours.  I ate a banana and a bowl of cereal for breakfast and then left home early to put my water bottle out and go to Rob’s house (where I start my runs).  I got to Rob’s house just as he was waking up and ate a Honey Stinger waffle before heading out.  Despite giving myself a couple hours to wake up and a little time driving and setting out my bottle to warm up a bit, I was still and cold when I started my run.  My first (uphill) mile was almost eleven minutes.  But my goal for this workout was not to worry about time and to do a long run on tired legs.  I did get a little faster once I finished the first uphill grind and once my legs started to warm up a bit, but this wasn’t a quick run by any means.  My overall pace was around 9:33/mile, but considering my legs were tired and I didn’t feel like death at the end of the run, I consider that a success.  I ended up stopping at two hours even though I could have run the extra thirty minutes.  I had to remind myself that “could” doesn’t mean “should.”  I’ve been so tired lately that I’ve been keeping a watch out for signs of overtraining.  At this point, an extra thirty minutes of slow running probably won’t help me much, but it could hurt me.  After running, I did some core work and some light strength work.


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