Weekly Recap (6/27-7/03)

Monday: Swim—2600 yards; Bike—46:36 (11.91 miles); Strength—15 minutes
I was not feeling exercise at all in the morning.  When my alarm went off, I briefly considered quitting Ironman training forever before dragging myself out of bed and getting ready for Masters swim practice.  I was unmotivated and just not into it, even after arriving at the pool.  I felt better once I warmed up, but I still just felt tired.  We did a 500 based workout:
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
4 x 50 (distance per stroke)
4 x 50 (closed fist)
500 build
5 x 100 pace (@1:50)
500 negative split
100 easy
I worked hard on the first 500, and since I wasn’t feeling 100% this morning, I did the 100s at a fairly easy pace.  I actually ended up swimming most of the 100s between 1:35 and 1:40 with a decent amount of rest.  The fact that this felt like an easy pace even on a day that wasn’t my best was encouraging.  Then I headed into the last 500.  I took the first 250 pretty easy and hit the halfway point just a couple seconds shy of four minutes.  Then I really ramped it up for the final 250 and finished that in about 3:35 for a solid negative split.  I pushed that last 250 really hard, and it felt good to go all-out at the end of the workout.

After work, I drove to the shop to drop my car off for a repair.  I came up with an elaborate scheme so I could get my car fixed, still go into the office, not inconvenience anyone else, and fit all my workouts in with minimal extra time spent.  So I dropped my car off then took my bike out of the trunk and road home as (part of) my 45 minute ride for the day.  It was 100° when I took off, and the ride was kind of miserable.  I went through a bottle and a half of water in just the short time I was out on the road.  Once I got home, I did some strength work to finish off my day.

Too. Hot.

Tuesday: Bike—2:01:19 (31.51 miles); Run—1:00:00 (6.54 miles); Strength—15 minutes
Part two of my brilliant “get to work, fix my car, keep exercising” plan was to ride into work Tuesday morning as part of my planned brick workout.  I headed out around 4:40am.  Somehow, the first hour of a ride into work always seems to take forever, maybe because it’s dark and my legs are still waking up.  The second hours always goes by a little more quickly.  I had a headwind again as I rode over the Point of the Mountain, but I felt reasonably strong during the ride, especially considering I’ve been feeling off the last couple of days.  I ate one Honey Stinger waffle on the ride about an hour in.  Once I got to work (well, it’s not quite a two hour ride to work, so I rode a little on a nearby trail to hit the time), I locked up my bike, took a quick bathroom break, ate another waffle, and headed out on my run.  I felt fairly strong on my run.  I tried to take it easy, and I felt great for the first 45 minutes or so of the run.  The last 15 minutes, I did start to get fatigued, but I didn’t ever feel miserable and my pace never felt difficult.  It was mostly a mixture of boredom and more general fatigue.  I finished the run in about a 9:11/mile pace.

After work, I completed well-thought-out plan.  I took the train back to the Murray station which was just a mile or so from where my car was being fixed.  I rode my bike from the station to the shop and picked up my car.  Plan complete.  Because I had been feeling more fatigued than usual and even had some residual fatigue in my legs during the mile or so that I rode from the station to pick up my car, I decided to cut back on my strength work in the evening.  I had planned on doing thirty minutes, but I did fifteen instead, with no plans to make it up later in the week.  Thirty minutes of strength work takes quite a bit out of my legs and still generally leaves me sore the next day.  I know that taking fifteen minutes off a workout doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but for me, it’s a hard decision.  I struggle when it comes to listening to my body over listening to a training plan, so every time I do, it’s a win.

Wednesday: REST
Normally, I try to take advantage of rest days to do some core work, but life got in the way on Wednesday, and I when I finally got home around 9:00pm, I wanted to go straight to bed and ended up not doing anything at all.  Although it would have been nice not to do core work later in the week, it was nice not to do anything at all.

Thursday: Run—2:10:00 (15.32 miles); Swim—2400 yards; 8-minute abs
My plan for my mid-week long run worked so well a few weeks ago that I decided to use it again this week.  I got up at 4:00am and was at work by 5:00am.  I worked for an hour or so before heading out for my run around 6:15am.  Before my run, I ate a bowl of cereal, a hard-boiled egg, and a Honey Stinger waffle as well as drinking some water and half a cup of coffee.  It was still cool outside, and it was fairly overcast as well.  I was supposed to run 1:40 at RPE 3 and the last :30 at RPE 5-7.  I took off at an easy pace.  It was nice to run from work because I didn’t start off by climbing a big, nasty hill.  I held a very easy pace for the first five miles or so.  One particular road that I run on is a narrow country road that goes past farms and farmland.  However, due to a wreck on a major thoroughfare nearby, there was a lot of traffic on the road.  I was too busy paying attention to the cars approaching me and making sure they were slowing down and moving over to really think about my pace.  When I hit the five mile point, I noticed my pace was pretty slow so I picked it up a bit until the turn-around point.  Once I turned back around, I had a nice gradual downhill run for a couple of miles, so I was able to maintain that faster pace with less effort.  When I hit the point where I was supposed to pick it up, my average pace was 8:38/mile.  I picked up my pace and pushed it pretty hard the last thirty minutes.  I tried to focus on strength, turnover, and form rather than speed.  After already running 11+ miles, it was difficult.  I actually did stop once during this final push to recover from a pretty nasty side ache that was causing me to drop my form which in turn led to a couple butt twinges.  I managed to run 3.75 miles during the tempo portion of my run which comes out to an 8:00/mile pace.  Not bad for the end of a mid-week long run!

After work, I headed to the pool for some easy 400s.  The pool always feels really refreshing after work because I’ve just driven 25 miles in the hot sun with no air conditioning.  Unfortunately, it’s usually busy enough in the afternoons that it’s risky to go then and try to get a lane.  I got a lane this time and swam six 400s.  My times for each were as follows: 6:54, 6:52, 6:48, 6:47, 6:38, 6:34.  The pace for those ranges from 1:42/100yds to 1:38/100yds.  Despite my run earlier in the day, I felt strong in the pool.  The 400s felt easy, and it was yet another reminder at how much faster my easy pace has gotten over the past year.  I’m feeling positive about my swimming lately, and it’s nice to feel like one of the legs is “in the bag,” so to speak.  I guess we’ll see if it’s really in the bag come August. In the evening, I did some core work as well.

Saturday: Bike—5:30:13 (88.47 miles); Run—30:00 (3.29 miles); 8-minute abs
What. A. Day. I got over to Rob’s house early in the morning so we could start the ride together.  I wanted to get out a little before he did, so I took off to do thirty minutes or so before coming back around and picking him up.  Of course, I got held up by a train on the way back, so I had to ride the same stretch of road over and over again for about 15 minutes while the train passed.  I had already ridden about 13 miles when I picked Rob up and we started up Emigration Canyon.  It was already warm as we climbed.  I pushed it pretty hard, so by the time we got to the top, I was looking forward to recovering on the descent and was a little worried about the rest of the ride.  Fortunately, I did recover, and I was able to push the rest of the ride pretty hard as well.  I fueled and hydrated better than I did on my last long run which helped a lot.  I was still aching all over by the end (especially my neck!), but I felt better, went further, and rode faster than I did on my previous long ride.  Over the course of the ride, I consumed eight Honey Stinger waffles, most of a package of trail mix, a bottle of Skratch, and a bunch of waffles.  I’ve noticed that the waffles start to stick in my throat around mile 60 or 70, so I think I’ll need to break up the monotony a little during my race.  After my ride, I headed out for a short run to complete my brick.  I ran a little too fast for race-pace practice (around 9:08/mile), but I felt relatively strong during the run, even though it was quite hot.  Then I sat around the whole rest of the day (until doing some core work before bed).  I was wiped out.  No energy.  No brain function.  I slept until 6:30am the next day (which is pretty unheard of for me!).

This lifted my spirits around mile 50.

Sunday: Swim—3400 yards; Strength—15 minutes
Because the pool doesn’t open until mid-morning, I had an entire weekend morning free for the first time since who-knows-when.  Rob and I went out to breakfast at a fun little café that we like, and I got to sit around and enjoy the morning before going to church. After church, I headed to the pool for a longer workout:
4 x 200 (swim, kick, pull, swim)
2 x 1200 (21:48, 21:57)
4 x 50 (easy)
I took this swim easy, and my times reflect that.  I think the swim did help work out some of the lingering fatigue from my big day on Saturday.  I got pretty hungry while swimming, but after eating, I felt better than I did before going to the pool.  Later in the afternoon, I did some strength work as well.  It’s a pain to do, especially when I have so much else going on, but I know it helps keep my knee injury-free.

French toast.  It was wonderful, but I couldn’t finish the whole thing…

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