Weekly Recap (6/20-6/26)

Monday: Bike—1:00:26 (15.05 miles); Run—45:00 (5.29 miles)
I started my morning with a bike ride.  Strangely, I think my legs felt more fatigued than they did the day after my five hour ride.  I struggled to get going.  My legs were tired, and my whole saddle area was still sore.  Even with my tired legs, though, it was a nice way to start the morning.  I got to see the sun coming up over the mountains and enjoy the cool summer morning.

In the afternoon, I had a run planned.  I knew it would be hot, and I had actually specifically planned to run because it would be hot.  Heat acclimation.  I checked the temperate before I headed out, and it was 99°.  Ugh.  Because it was a shorter run, I headed west and did a few laps around the park instead of climbing the pretty major hill to the east.  Being in the park did help with the heat because I was running on a bark path instead of asphalt.  The trees also offered some shade during the run.  I also made sure to take it easy.  Still, it was a pretty miserable run (which is to be expected!).  I was impressed with how well I held up during the run, though.  I didn’t feel like I was running in nearly 100° weather, and I didn’t feel like I was completely melting down in the heat either.  I was slower than I would have been, but I still felt relatively strong.

Tuesday: Bike—2:01:07 (33 miles); Run—30:00 (3.4 miles); 8-minute abs
I got up early so I could complete my brick workout before work.  I was on my bike by 4:45am and rode to work.  It was already a pleasant 70°, so I was comfortable my whole ride.  And, much to my surprise, when I hit the Point of the Mountain (in other words, the windiest place in the world), I found out I had a tailwind for perhaps the first time ever.  It was a good day!  After I finished on my bike, I quickly changed into some running shoes and did a thirty minute transition run.  I felt better on the run than I did the last time I did a brick workout in the morning, and I actually ran too fast (8:49/mile).  I’ve been trying to hit slower paces on my transition runs so that I don’t go out too fast in my Ironman marathon.  I was at my desk in my office by 7:40am, feeling hungry but otherwise good.  I fueled this whole workout on a bowl of Cap’n Crunch.  Probably not ideal, but I do like to do some shorter endurance work underfueled because I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be underfueled during the latter half of my Ironman marathon, and I don’t want that feeling to be completely foreign to me.  I did eat a Honey Stinger waffle and have some coffee once I got in to my office which helped revive me a bit.  In the evening, I did some core work.

Wednesday: Swim—2600 yards; Strength—30 minutes
I went to the pool for a pretty tough workout.  I had a 1000 yard time trial scheduled for the first time since December when I swam it in 16:12.  I have been continuing to swim hard since that time, so I was hoping to improve on that time.  Specifically, I was hoping to break 16 minutes, which would be a 1:36/100yd pace.  I had some slow swimming to do after my time trial as well:
300 easy
1000 time trial (15:24)
1000 easy
3 x 100 easy
As you can see, I beat my previous time handedly.  Even better, I actually paced myself well!  My times for the first and second 500s were fairly close, and I was able to swim strong through the entire 1000.  My pace came out to 1:32/100yd.  I knew a little over halfway through my swim that I was probably going to break 16 minutes based on my splits, but I was excited to be so far below my goal time.  I was gassed at the end of the time trial, and I took the rest of the workout very, very easy.  I think so much easy swimming helped me cool down and recover.  During lunch, I did thirty minutes of strength work.

Thursday: “Open water” swim practice; Strength—15 minutes; 8-minute abs
I went to Masters swim practice where it was an open water day.  We practiced open water starts and drafting.  I don’t often get the chance to practice drafting, so I’m glad to have some of this “open water” to work on the skill.  The workout was fairly low key and included a lot of continuous easy swimming.  My arms were still tired from the day before, so I was grateful for the easier day.  During lunch, I did some strength work, and I did some core work in the evening.  In the evening, Rob and I went to the Utah Arts Festival with his parents which meant I was out much later than usual, so I was really glad that I had a rest day coming up.

Friday: REST; 8-minute abs
I was able to sleep in a bit and spend most of the day relaxing in preparation for my race the next day.  I did some core work in the evening, and I went to bed before 9:00pm.  It was wonderful to get to bed that early!

Saturday: Cell to Well 12k—57:03; Bike—1:30:05 (23.83 miles)
I’ll publish a race report about this 12k later this week, but it’s what I did first thing in the morning.  The race started at 7:30 and was about thirty minutes away, so after finishing and hanging around a bit, Rob and I headed back to Salt Lake.  I was surprised at how good I felt after the race, so I decided to do my bike ride on Saturday instead of waiting until Sunday.  I considered doing Emigration Canyon, but I decided against doing that much climbing after racing.  It was a good decision.  My legs felt great on the flats when I was spinning at a high cadence, but when I hit some hills, I felt the fatigue in my legs.  It was a beautiful day, and it was actually relatively cool.  Even at 10:30am when I left for my ride, it was only in the 70s which was a wonderful change from the heat wave we’ve had here lately.  I felt great for a few hours after the ride, but the fatigue from racing and riding did hit me later on in the day, and I was pretty tired by the time I went to bed.

Sunday: Swim—60(ish) minutes; Strength—15 minutes
I had been thinking of trying to get out to practice some open water swimming, but I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to it on my own.  Fortunately, a couple of women from my tri club were going up to a nice reservoir on Sunday morning, so I tagged along with them.  It was a beautiful morning, sunny but still cool.  I was expecting the water to be freezing, but it was actually really pleasant.  It took some time to get used to, but with a wetsuit, it was the perfect temperature.  We swam out along a line of buoys.  The sighting was difficult when going in one direction because of the sun, but I supposed it was good practice.  We got out far enough to be able to feel the rocking of the waves a bit (which I love!) and we just swam continuously at a moderate pace.  It was absolutely wonderful and my absolute favorite kind of swimming.  I couldn’t believe how fast it went, and I kind of wanted to just keep swimming forever.  We probably ended up swimming just under an hour.  It’s a huge pain to get out to open water, but every time I do, I realize just how much I love it and how worth it the drive and extra time is.  In the afternoon, I did some light strength work because my legs were a little too stiff and sore to manage the balancing required for my regular strength work.

Blue skies and beautiful mountains in the background

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (6/20-6/26)

  1. Nice work as always Katie! It’s been so hot here these last couple of weeks and I always thought the people I saw out running when it was in the 90s were totally crazy but I guess it makes sense to acclimate to those crazy hot ironman marathons. But I still think it’s a little crazy LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely a little crazy… I actually still think that about the other runners I see out there when it’s 90 degrees! I tend to think, “Ok, you can’t *all* be training for an Ironman… so why are you out now instead of this morning when it was pleasant?!”


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