Weekly Recap (4/24-5/01)

Monday: Swim—2800 yards; Bike—49:17 (12.8 miles); Strength—15 minutes
We did a distance set at masters today.  I always enjoy the longer sets because they are a little more relevant to what I’m currently training for.  The set was as follows:
500 swim
300 kick
4 x 50 (closed fist)
200 pace
300 pace
400 pace
300 build
200 build
100 easy
4 x 75 build
We were supposed to pick a pace to hit for the first part of the ladder.  I meant to aim for about 1:50/100yds because that’s right near my goal pace for the Ironman swim.  I was able to hit that pace consistently and quite easily, but not as easily as I thought I should be able to, considering how short the reps were.  It wasn’t until after lunch that I realized I was swimming my 50s in about :50.  That equals a 1:40/100yds pace.  Math is hard in the morning.  As we went back down the ladder, we were supposed to build our speed from our starting pace through each interval.  I didn’t start out too fast, so I was able to build my speed well.  I’m learning to actually do swim workouts correctly!

I had been planning on taking the afternoon off, but my plans ended up falling through and I decided to get a workout in instead.  Rob was busy in the evening, and I like to plan my time off to coincide with evenings where I’m not hanging out by myself!  So I headed out for a short bike ride.  The rain we are supposed to have all week here held off, so I had a dry (though overcast and threatening!) ride.  I got back and did fifteen minutes of strength work before taking it easy for the evening.

Tuesday: Run—45:00 (5.55 miles); Strength—15 minutes; Bike—1:00:00 (16.08 miles); 8-minute abs
As usual, I opted not to run early in the morning.  I’m hoping after a few more weeks of taking care of my knee, early morning runs become an option again.  Because it was raining and cold and I didn’t bring warm enough clothes, I was banished to the treadmill.  I basically set it to 7.4mph and just ran, though I did bump it up a bit towards the end.  My legs felt strong the whole way through.  I just struggled because it was exceedingly boring, even with Snapped playing in the background.  After my run, I did some strength work.  I was much stronger and much better at maintaining stability post-run than I have been in the past which was encouraging.

After work, I headed home and prepared for my ride.  It was in the low 50s and sprinkling a bit, but it wasn’t raining terribly hard.  I threw on my Gabba jersey, some tights, and some knit gloves and prepared to be overdressed.  I’m glad I overdressed because about five minutes into my ride, the rain started coming down.  Pretty soon it was pouring, and I was soaked.  The water accumulated quickly on the streets, and at one point, I had to ride through a puddle that was at least four inches deep.  My body was fairly warm, but my knit gloves were useless at this point.  With about ten minutes left in my ride, the rain stopped and I took the gloves off because they were doing more harm than good.  I arrived back at Rob’s front door cold, wet, and dirty.  On a positive note, though, I checked out my sports bra when I changed out of the Gabba.  It was almost entirely dry, which means the Gabba had been almost entirely waterproof, even after being in a fairly heavy rainstorm for at least forty minutes.  And, despite having to slow down my descents because of the wet roads, I actually had a higher-than-usual average speed for this ride.  Oh, and after my ride, I did some core work.

Wednesday: Swim—1650 yards; Run—45:00 (5.5 miles)
I had a shorter day in the pool on Wednesday, and it was a nice recovery workout after a long day on Tuesday:
2 x 150 easy
3 x 400 plus 50 (7:07, 7:37, 6:19)
100 easy
I was supposed to increase effort on each of the 400s.  I did, but during the middle one, I found myself confused partway through as to what lap I was on.  I decided to be “safe” and go with the lower number only to finish and realize based on the time that I had actually swum a 450.  Oh well… extra yards isn’t a bad thing!  These 400s were a little slower than my 400s last week, but that’s okay.   After work, I headed out for a run.  I went to the park and did a few laps.  I felt reasonably strong, though I do hate feeling like I’ve “slowed down” since marathon training.  I know that in reality, I’m just more tired going out for these runs than I was during the winter, but I do miss being somewhat “fast.”  I’m thinking of spending some time after my Ironman focusing on running fast and maybe getting a decent 5k and/or 10k PR in the fall.  But that’s in the future.

Thursday: REST; 8-minute abs
I love rest days.  Unfortunately, Rob had plans on Thursday, so that meant a boring evening by myself.  I decided to Be Productive and Contribute to Our Relationship.  So I stopped by my place after work and picked up a load of dirty laundry so I could do laundry and tidy up Rob’s place a bit (since I spend so much time there, I contribute greatly to The Mess, so I also help clean).  I have zero domestic inclination, but recently, I realized that if I can make myself go work out after work when I’m tired and just want to sit down, I can also make myself clean.  So I set my watch for twenty minutes and told myself I’d do 4-6 twenty minute cleaning/laundry/shopping cycles.

Friday: Swim—2450 yards; Bike—2:07:04 (34.26 miles)
Well, the day started out okay with a solid swim workout:
200 reverse IM
200 IM kick
200 inverse IM
6 x 50 (closed fist)
4 x 25 (underwater)
3 x 50 @ 1:00
3 x 50 @ :55
3 x 50 @ :50
3 x 50 @ :45
[100 easy
4 x 25 (sprint)] x 2
50 easy
It was good to do some speed work.  I noticed my fast 25s were between 16 and 18 seconds.  Not bad for me!  Then, my day got really stupid.  I got in a wreck on the way to work and I’m pretty sure my car is totaled.  I’ll find out for sure early this week.  The wreck was my fault, but I wasn’t doing anything stupid like texting or tail-gating or driving angry.  I shoulder-checked, couldn’t merge, and then looked back to the road and saw brake lights.  I braked, but there wasn’t enough time to stop, so I pulled into the other lane (the one I didn’t just shoulder-check for—it was clear).  I lost control of the car because of the braking and swerving and hit the concrete barrier on the side of the road.  Those of you who read regularly know that this will likely be the second time this year I need to replace my car.  I’m fine physically.  Although I would’ve taken a broken arm or leg over needing to buy a new car any day.  Dropping out of an Ironman = $700.  Buying another car = $ignificantly more than that.  Needless to say, I’ve had a rough couple of days.  My anxiety has been through the roof, and I’ve been in a pretty dark and hopeless place.

I took a half-day and worked from home to deal with car stuff which also gave me the time to go on a bike ride (turns out there wasn’t a ton that I needed to do besides making a few phone calls).  So I decided to do my long ride early in the afternoon.  The ride was exactly what I needed.  It helped clear my head a bit and take my mind off of things.  I did my typical ride out to the south of the valley, back north, and then partway up Emigration Canyon.  At one point, I rode under an overpass.  There were some kids hanging out up there waving at motorists, and they waved at me and cheered for me which was cute.

I got a little cyclocross action when I had to portage my bike around the construction. 😛

Saturday: Run—1:30:00 (10.5 miles)
I slept really badly on Friday night.  My anxiety was really high, and I kept having nightmares and tossing and turning.  It sucked.  But I woke up feeling okay.  At least anxiety comes with extra that extra burst of fight-or-flight energy.  I was a little sore in my neck and shoulders, and I had some bruising on one of my legs (it must have hit the steering column), but other than that, I was no worse for the wear.  I headed out on my run midmorning.  The weather was beautiful, and I felt strong through most of the run.  I planned on bringing some gummies with me but forgot (whoops!).  I think the miles that felt a little tougher (miles 7-8, mostly) would have been a little easier with a little energy boost from some calories and caffeine.  I did a solid job keeping the pace easy, though, and I didn’t feel like I was overworking myself.  I stretched well before and after the run and didn’t have any knee pain to speak of.  Going to physical therapy and getting that IT band under control quickly was the best decision I could have made.

Sunday: Strength—30 minutes; Bike—1:01:58 (15.33 miles)
I did thirty minutes of strength work before church.  My legs didn’t feel fresh after my run the day before, but they still felt pretty good.  After church, Rob and I went did the coffee shop loop on the bike.  We did a nice, easy ride down to a cute little coffee shop and ate lemon cake.  He’s busy with work and I’m busy with training and we’re kind of lazy without a ton of disposable income, so I really value getting to do little things like this with him.

I need to make Rob my official blog photographer.  Not only is his camera better but, unlike me, he has any eye for photography at all.

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