Weekly Recap (2/29-3/06)

Monday: Swim—2500 yds
I went to Masters again and was feeling a bit more on top of my game than I was the previous Friday.  It was a hard workout for me, but I felt like I was swimming well again.
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
4 x 50 6-beat kick
4 x 50 closed fist
6 x 100 @ 1:50 (M M F M M F)
6 x 75 @ 1:35 (M F F M F F)
6 x 50 @ 1:10 (M F F F F M)
6 x 25 @ :45 (all fast)
This workout included more rest than normal, by design.  You can see that as the distances got shorter, the fast (F) intervals started to outnumber the medium (M) intervals.  The extra rest was nice, and it allowed us to swim harder for those fast intervals.  When we were doing those 75s, though, my lane-mate was miscalculating the time and going at 1:25 instead of 1:35.  About halfway through, my tiredness overcame my inability to correct people in real life (the Internet, though… that’s a different story), and I mentioned it to him so that we could get those extra ten seconds of rest.  I asked the coach to take a look at my flip turns during practice.  It turns out, I’m just doing them flat-out wrong.  So I got an explanation, a demonstration, and some drills to work on.  I’m hoping to get to the pool at least once a week for the next few weeks to just work on flip turns.  I want to have mastered them by early June when I have a triathlon where the swim takes place in a pool.

Tuesday: Strength—30 minutes; Bike—30 minutes; 8-minute abs
I got up early and went to the gym at work to do some hip/glute strength work.  It went pretty well, though I seriously struggle with balance while doing single leg deadlifts.  It’s apparent my stabilizing muscles need some work.  With most of the exercises, I was able to feel the burn in my glutes, but I could not get the deadlifts down.  I’ll watch a few videos and then just keep working at it.  Rob picked up my helmet and shoes at work, so I was all prepared to go on my first bike ride on the new bike.  But then… the shoes were too small.  So I went to the gym and did thirty minutes on the stationary bike along with some core work later.

Wednesday: Strength—30 minutes; Bike—60 minutes
Well, I think the exercises I picked will be effective for building glute strength.  I woke up in the morning, and my butt was killing me.  With the way my schedule this week worked out, I ended up doing strength work two days in a row.  It was actually kind of nice because my soreness helped me that the single leg deadlifts that gave me trouble yesterday were working my glutes, just not so much that I could feel the burn the day before.  I also think I cracked the balance code.  On Tuesday, I tried to watch myself in the mirror to check my form while doing these.  On Wednesday, I picked a fixed point to look at instead. Duh.  After work, I went to the gym for another round on the stationary bike.  I spun for an hour while listening to This American Life.  It was a great episode, but I realized that I had read the print version just a few months ago, so it wasn’t new to me.

Thursday: REST
There’s not much to say other than that I had a very nice rest day. I ate a bunch of food and sat around a lot. It was awesome!

Friday: Swim—1700 yds; 8-minute abs
I went to Masters swim in the morning, and it ended up being a very low-key day, not really by design.
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
2 x 50 distance per stroke
2 x 50 zipper
2 x 50 kick/easy swim
2 x 50 catch-up
4 x 25 underwater
3 x 200
So, our coach was gone on Friday which meant we were doing our own thing.  I was in a lane with a few women who were friends in real life, so they were chatting.  I didn’t mind the chatting… it was nice to pretend I was socially capable for a while. 😉  However, that did mean that we didn’t swim very far, hence the low yardage here.  However, the more low-key nature of the workout did allow me to practice my flip turns.  I think I’ve finally cracked the code—a little dolphin kick right as you go into the turn.  Now that I’ve got that figured out, it’s just a matter of practice.

Saturday: Run—2.05 miles (16:55); Strength—15 minutes
I was going to go on a nice bike ride with my brand new bike.  But the seatpost needs to be cut down, so that will have to wait, unfortunately.  I was quite disappointed and decided to run instead.  Just a few minutes in, I started feeling my knee, so I cut my run short.  Despite feeling some pain in my knee throughout most of the run, I didn’t experience any additional pain after the run, so I don’t think I irritated it any further.  I’m not sure exactly when to run and when to not run with this.  I want it to get better, but if a run won’t hinder healing, I don’t want to skip out on it because of some completely manageable pain.  I’ll try to run a little more next week and see how my knee holds up.  I spent almost two full weeks not running, and it’s incredibly frustrating that I still have pain after just a couple minutes.

At least I got to lace up these bad boys again… for 15 minutes…

Sunday: Bike—60 minutes; Swim—Flip turns; 8-minute abs
After church, I went to the gym to do an hour on the stationary bike.  I left my phone at work on Friday, so I did it sans any entertainment.  It was pretty horrific, but I managed to survive.  It’ll make riding my bike all that much better next week.  After the bike, I hopped in the pool for about twenty minutes and worked on flip turns.  I think I’ve basically got them down… now it’s just a matter of getting better at them.


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