Weekly Recap (2/22-2/28)

Monday: REST
Really, I’m sure I could have handled a swim on Monday.  But after a weekend that was jam-packed with activities, I needed to just sleep in and then spend the evening relaxing.  Besides, the evening ended up being pretty eventful anyway.  (Be aware… this is a kind of gross story about losing a toenail.  If you are squeamish, skip to Tuesday’s workout).  I went over to Rob’s place in the evening and took a look at my toenail.  I knew it would fall off soon, and it seemed to be almost there.  The whole day as I was walking around, it felt like a loose tooth on my foot.  There was a somewhat normal-looking toenail flap that was covering up an ugly, gross, lumpy, sort-of-deformed toenail thing.  So I started tugging on the flap, hoping it would come off without any pain.  Like I said, it was almost there.  And then, the whole thing came off.  Not just the toenail flap that was completely visible and was covering the funny-looking toenail thing.  No.  The whole thing… the part of my toenail that had not yet emerged from under my skin and the funny-looking, lumpy toenail base came off too.  This meant that I just had a giant, raw crater in my toe.  This was entirely horrifying.  So I did the only thing I could do.  I put some Neosporin in it and wrapped it up so I wouldn’t have to look at it.

Tuesday: Swim—30 minutes
I went to the pool in the morning to do a quick and easy swim.  If you read the toenail story above, have no fear.  My toe was very well wrapped up so no weird toenail germs got into the water.  Although I guess I was exposed to pool germs.  Anyway, there’s not much to say about an easy, unmeasured swim.  One thing I noticed is that my new goggles were tight enough that they started giving me a headache.  However, it felt like if they were much looser, they’d start leaking.  Obviously, neither scenario is ideal.  I’ll try them a little looser next time, and I may replace the nosepiece with a shorter one.  I have a pretty narrow nose bridge, so sometimes the “standard” goggle nosepiece is a little wide for me and leads to leaks.

Wednesday: Bike—30 minutes
I went to the gym after work and did and easy 30 minute spin.  It felt pretty good.  My legs were still a bit sore, but they loosed up nicely on the bike.  On a more exciting note, all my bike stuff came in!  So Rob and I will be putting it all together throughout the week.  Building a bike typically takes a while for him, but in the worst case scenario, I should be riding it within a couple of weeks!

I also got this text from my dad.  I read it, but I didn’t respond.  Too soon, Dad!  Too soon!

Thursday: REST
I was going to get up early and do some glute strengthening exercises, but I decided not to for a few reasons.  First of all, I hadn’t reviewed the exercises I decided to do.  I was going to do a bit more research, but I didn’t have time chose to spend my time doing other things.  I also thought it might be a good idea to give my legs another day or so of rest, considering I tried to do a single leg squat on Wednesday and almost fell over.  The final reason is because I was up late on Wednesday night finishing up a book.  I decided I should take advantage of the guilt-free week I have and get some mental rest.

Friday: Masters swim—1800 yds
Rather fortunately for me, the workout on Friday was pretty easy.  I did not have the speed or endurance that I typically have which indicates that I’m (not surprisingly!) still recovering from that marathon.
200 reverse IM
200 IM kick
200 inverse IM
6 x 50 6-kick roll
50 drill
100 fast
150 technique
200 negative split
150 technique
100 fast
50 drill
100 easy
For the IM portions, I did front crawl instead of butterfly since the dolphin kick irritates my knee.  I was able to keep up my speed and form through the first 150.  Then, I started to fall back from the swimmers who are typically the same speed as I am.  I was able to mostly/almost keep up, but I was falling back far more than I normally would.  After, we did a kick-o-war which is like tug-o-war, but instead of pulling a rope, two swimmers grab a kickboard and kick against each other to push the other person over a line.  I didn’t do all that well, which wasn’t a surprise to me.  I think my pull is far stronger than my kick.  There is one swimmer who is pretty much the same speed as I am.  During pull drills, I always end up at her heels or pulling away.  During kick drills, it’s the opposite.  I can’t keep up.  I’ve made some improvements throughout the last few months, but it’s still something I need to work on.

Saturday: Bike—60 minutes
I went to the gym and did an hour on the stationary bike.  It’s never fun to ride the stationary bike, but I listened to a very interesting RadioLab episode about the origins of football, so at least I had something to distract me.  There’s never much to say about time spent on the stationary bike.  It was a beautiful day, so I was bummed to be inside instead of enjoying the weather.  However, I won’t be indoors for long.

Sunday: REST
I took Sunday as a rest day—my final one before getting back into more serious training next week.  Taking a break this week has been a much-needed physical and mental respite.  I’m feeling far less tired and overworked.  More importantly, the thought of running, cycling, and swimming doesn’t make me want to curl up in a ball and die.  Win!  And… my new bike is put together and ready to ride!  I still need shoes and a helmet (those were also in my car…), but I ordered those today and should get them within the next couple of days.  So I’ll be riding outside before I know it!  I’m also going to start my strength routine for my knee next week.  I wanted to wait until the soreness/fatigue from the marathon wouldn’t hold me back.  I’m hoping that and cutting back my running will get my IT band back to normal soon.

Here’s the Blue!

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