Weekly Recap (2/15-2/21)

Monday: Swim—Masters swim team (2600yds)
We did a Valentine’s Day workout today—a heart-rate based set. I slept terribly on Sunday night (woke up at 1:30, didn’t go back to sleep until 4:30), so I was not looking forward to swimming. Almost no one was there because it was President’s Day, though, so I could pretty much swim at my own speed. I didn’t make it through the whole workout, and I crossed out the sets I didn’t swim:
300 swim
200 kick
100 very easy
*Take standing heart rate*
4 x 50 closed fist
4 x 50 fast kick, easy swim
4 x 200 @ SHR+50
100 easy @ SHR
4 x 100 @ SHR+50
100 easy @ SHR
4 x 50 @ SHR+50
100 easy @ SHR
3 x 100 sprint @ SHR
100 easy
Basically, we took our standing heart rates after the first easy 100. (Mine was 90.) Then, instead of doing intervals based on times, we did them based on heart rate. It’s always fun to do something a little different, so I enjoyed this workout. The longer periods of rest were nice, especially since I wasn’t worried about being late to work (also because of President’s day). Under normal circumstances, I would have timed my three 100 sprints, but because I was feeling so tired, I didn’t. I knew I’d probably be slow, and since my “dealing with life” emotional muscles are currently strained and tired, I figured I’d give them a rest where I could. This was my last hard workout of any kind before my marathon on Saturday.

Tuesday: Elliptical—30 minutes
I did the elliptical for half an hour today, and I didn’t feel my knee at all. At least one article I read online said that the motion on the elliptical may be too similar to running and thus may still cause pain. So the fact that it didn’t was a positive sign. I made the mistake of going to the Google about IT band pain again. And I stumbled across horror stories which sent me into a near panic. #neveragain The elliptical actually made my calves sore that evening. I guess the machine must have activated them in a slightly different way than my running did. I decided to be a little more careful on Thursday to not engage them quite as much. I don’t want sore calves during a marathon!

Wednesday: Bike—30 minutes; 8-minutes abs
I finally got my first core session in this week. I meant to do one on Monday and then on Tuesday, but I kept forgetting until I was lying in bed. Today, I did my core work during lunch at work to avoid forgetting yet again. When I was changing back into work clothes afterwards, I swear I counted six little abs. I mean, they were only noticeable because the light was very dim and I had just finished with my routine, but it was still pretty exciting. After work, I headed to the gym and did thirty minutes on the stationary bike. I’m slowly gaining a tolerance to the boredom of stationary cycling, which means I should be able to bust out some longer rides on the stationary bike once I’m done with my marathon.

Thursday: Elliptical—20 minutes; 8-minute abs
This was my final workout before my marathon! I used a different elliptical machine than I did on Tuesday because I realized my work gym had one. Funny how I’ve been using that gym periodically for months and didn’t remember they had ellipticals. Too focused on the treadmill, I guess. Anyway, I did twenty very easy minutes on the elliptical before doing some core work.

Friday: REST
I took the day off on Friday and drove up to Nampa. I watched my nieces and nephews in the evening. Even though they were all very well-behaved and we were watching a movie, it was pretty exhausting. One would fall over on the chair and spill popcorn, and just as I was cleaning that up, the baby would start whining. Then another one would want more milk. It was very fun, but I think I gained a new appreciation for what my old sister does every day!  My dad and I also went out and checked out the course so I could have an idea of where we were running.

It was a beautiful course, at least.

Saturday: Run—26.2 miles (4:02:12)
So, the good news is, my IT band held up during my marathon. The bad news is that the rest of me completely fell apart. It really, really sucked, and I wish I had an explanation for how completely horribly I ran, but I just can’t figure it out. But trust me, I’ll give it a good shot in a self-indulgent blog post sometime this week. Honestly, I’m really disappointed about it. I’m struggling with it more than I probably should be. This run was supposed to be a confidence-builder, but it ended up being the opposite of that. Anyway, I’ll get into the whole weird thing later. I’m just glad this was also a fake, unverifiable run like all my training run have been or I’m sure everyone would think I had been lying about my training times.

Sunday: REST
I was thinking of doing core work on Sunday, but I decided not to and to instead wallow in my failure so that I can work through it and hopefully write a reasonable race report for the marathon.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (2/15-2/21)

  1. A lot of people say they have terrible long runs only to perform well in their race (sadly, this has not worked for me personally), so maybe this was your lousy run before the successful race 🙂

    Rest up, drink fluids and all that jazz and don’t worry too much — you’ve done awesome training and I’m sure it’ll all come together race day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 50in50marathonquest

    Sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the race, but the IT band held up and while it might not have been the time you were hoping for any marathon finish is a good one and that is still a very good time that you should be really proud of…running 26.2 miles takes a lot more than just lining up and running. Getting to the starting line alone is a major accomplishment to reflect upon.

    I didn’t realize Nampa had a marathon and my Dad lives in Nampa but I don’t seem to recognize that lake – I’m assuming you mean Nampa, ID. We go there a couple times a year. We’ve run the FitOne Boise half the last 2 years and will run it again this year and hopefully the new inaugural Boise marathon if work cooperates.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s called Lake Lowell! It’s on the southwest outskirts of Nampa. I’ll go into this in my race report, but my dad and I didn’t run with an official marathon. We used the course for the Lake Lowell Marathon (which is a small marathon in April), but it was just us two running. 🙂

      I hadn’t heard about Boise’s new marathon. What will it be called?


      1. 50in50marathonquest

        Oh ok, yes I’ve heard of that…I think Dad ran his ever race there a couple years back but we haven’t ran there yet. Last year on a visit we did our long run along the Boise River trail.

        Sorry, I misread your post, I saw the 26.2 and made the connection to the marathon event. Running that time unsupported makes it even harder so great job!

        The New Boise marathon looks pretty cool – they are trying to build it into a showcase event and Boise needs a full marathon. It is called Onward Shay and I believe scheduled for end-October. I think they will have a half as well. I’ll be blogging about it if I’m able to fit it into my schedule.

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      2. Oh, it’s okay! I’ve mentioned a few times in my blog that I was just training for the 26.2 distance and not an actual event, but just in passing. I wouldn’t everyone to have noticed one of those mentions. It was just too much effort to clarify every time I mentioned it!

        I’ll have to look into the Boise marathon. Now that I’m obligated to run a “redemption” race (ugh.), I’ve got to find one to do.


  3. Jenny

    So, it was your very first marathon- you completed it (congratulations!!!) and I can tell you are going to analyze what went right/wrong very thoroughly! It will be a great learning experience, so I would consider it a complete success.

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  4. Congrats on the marathon!!! I’m sorry to hear that this wasn’t your race, but there will be others! Each one is a learning lesson. It took me 10 to finally figure out how to run a solid time and train appropriately. Enjoy some rest (mental and physical!), and then it’s on to the next!

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