Weekly Recap (2/08-2/14)

Monday: Swim—Masters swim team (2600yds); 8-minute abs
I didn’t get to bed until past midnight on Sunday, which is almost unheard of for me.  I watched the Stupid Bowl… the Donkeys won, so I had to celebrate afterwards! (“Celebrating” mostly consisted of reading predictions for the game made earlier in the week and feeling superior to any sports commentators who predicted a Panthers win…)  Needless to say, when my alarm went off at 4:50am, I was less than pleased.  I actually decided to sleep in and skip swimming, but then realized five minutes later I wouldn’t really go back to sleep anyway, so I got up and went anyway.  I realized that sleeping through a workout didn’t really mesh with the “back on track” theme for the week.  Plus, I don’t drink, so I was just tired, not hungover and tired.  I’m glad I went!  We did a hard workout, but fortunately, it wasn’t a killer:
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
4 x 50 kick
4 x 50 closed fist
200 (build) @ 3:30
4 x 25 (M/F, F/M, M, F) @ :30
50 easy
2 x 100 (sprint outside the flags) @ 1:45
4 x 25 (M/F, F/M, M, F) @ :30
50 easy
8 x 50 (build) @ :55
4 x 25 (M/F, F/M, M, F) @ :30
50 easy
12 x 25 (17-18 seconds each) @ :30
50 easy
A little explanation for that notation is required.  M and F stand for “medium” and “fast.” So, the first 25 in those sets of four started out medium and finished fast.  The rest is easy to extrapolate.  “Sprinting outside the flags” meant we went as fast as we could approaching the wall and right off the wall.  It was good practice for me because that’s general where I lose most of my time when swimming in a pool.  The coach told me to aim for 17-18 seconds for each of my 25s at the end.  I think I was pretty close to hitting that, but it was hard to tell because of my goggles.  See, the ones I like were in my car when it got stolen.  So I’ve been using my backup goggles which are tinted blue and which make it impossible to read the red LED clock we use to time ourselves.  So I would reach the wall, then lift up my goggles to see the time, then try to start again at the right time.  I need to get new goggles.  That’s on the list this week.  I also did some core work in the evening.  I’m trying to get back to three times a week after my last couple of weeks.

Tuesday: Run—800m, 3 x 1600, 800m
I got the office around 6:00am to do my speed workout, the last one of this marathon training cycle!  After warming up, I set the treadmill to 8.8mph (6:48/mile) and a 1% incline.  I ran a mile then jumped off the treadmill for a quarter mile to recover.  The pace for these mile repeats felt pretty much perfect for a lighter week.  It was hard, but I never felt like I was giving 100% to keep the pace up.  The hardest part was dealing with the boredom.  It takes everything in me not to just watch the treadmill dashboard as the little dot travels slowly around the track.  There were people there, and I don’t like running with earbuds, so I couldn’t listen to music.  Instead, I sang two songs in my head—long medleys that I sang in junior high choir.  Seriously.  The songs are long enough that if I can get a good portion of the way through one of them, I can look down at the dashboard and have gone a decent distance.  During the last mile, I upped the speed a bit.  I started by raising the speed to 8.9mph halfway through and continued to raise it slowly from there.  My knee hurt some, but it actually seems to do better when I’m running a little faster.  Maybe it’s partly a stride/footfall thing.  I also stopped at the store to get goggles and a swim cap for swimming and athletic tape to try my dad’s miracle cure.

Wednesday: Bike—30 minutes
I just went to the gym and did thirty minutes on the stationary bike.  Stationary bikes are the absolute worst, and I’m getting very antsy to ride a real one again!  It takes me about 10-15 minutes to get bored, and then I’m really, really bored for the rest of the ride.  I need to figure out a way to listen to podcasts or something while on the bike.  That would likely make things more manageable.

Thursday: Run—5 miles (37:11); 8-minute abs
I got to work early so I could take a long lunch and run.  But it ended up being significantly colder at noon than predicted by my weather app (28° versus the predicted 37°).  Because I didn’t bring clothes for weather that cold and because it was much warmer back up in Salt Lake City, I decided to leave early and run after work instead.  I decided to run a loop around Rob’s place several times so that I could run without being stopped by stoplights and have the opportunity to stop early if my knee started hurting.  I didn’t have a pace checkpoint until I was done with the first loop, and I ended up starting out too fast.  It ended up not being a bad thing in the end, though.  My knee started hurting during mile four, and I decided to play it safe and call it quits after five miles.  So I ended up running the five miles at a 7:27/mile pace, which is my typical pace for five mile tempo runs.  I got back, iced my knee, and took some ibuprofen.  At this point, I still think that, with ibuprofen and some TLC in the next week or so, I’ll be able to make it through my marathon without any major issues.  But I’ll probably try to take at least one full week off running afterwards.  I’m pretty sure it’s IT band issues.  I also did some core work in the evening.

Friday: REST
I took the day off.  My knee was still giving me fits even the day after a short run, so I was a bit panicked about it and made the decision to be extra careful with it until next Saturday.  Rob and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by going out to our favorite restaurant.  I made the mistake of getting a dish he liked, so I didn’t have any leftovers.  Next time, I’ll have to get one with meat it in.  (I’m kidding… sort of…)

Saturday: Pool running—90 minutes; 8-minute abs
I haven’t done any pool running since I was in college, but I decided that it would be better for my knee to do 90 minutes of pool running instead of trying (and probably failing) to run 10 miles.  The pool was open from 7-9am, then closed for a couple hours for swimming lessons.  I wanted to get this workout over and done with, so I woke up early and got to the pool right when they opened.  Ninety minutes sounds like a really long time, but it wasn’t too horrible for me.  Honestly, as long as I’m moving somewhere, I tend to be find.  Treadmill?  No way.  Stationary bike?  Even worse.  But for some reason, pool running is okay.  I was bored, but it wasn’t unbearable.  The good news is that my knee didn’t hurt, and I’m sure it’s much better off than it would have been if I had run.  The bad news is that I’m sure it wasn’t as good a workout as a ten mile run would have been.  However, when I got out of the water, my legs were noticeably tired, so I definitely got something out of the workout.  Afterwards, I went to Rob’s place and spent almost literally the whole day playing video games saving the world.  Oh, and I did some core work in the evening.

I’ve played a lot of ChronoTrigger the last few days.  (Here’s the source because I can’t figure out how to take a screenshot from the PS3 and get it to my computer.) 

Sunday: Bike—30 minutes
I went to the gym after work and did an easy 30 minute spin on the stationary bike. Usually, each minute on the bike is like torture, but I managed to keep myself from looking at my watch obsessively. I kept reminding myself that if I looked at my watch and saw I had only been riding 10 minutes, I would be demoralized. When I finally did look at my watch, I was expecting it to say about 20 minutes. But I had already been riding 28! I’m glad I had some self-control because, since my gym is actually primarily an aquatic center, it was muggy and warm on the bike which sucks for indoor riding.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (2/08-2/14)

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    I have the same problem on the treadmill – watching the dot go along the track, lol. I listen to music but it doesn’t always help with the visual boredom, and I can’t pay attention to podcasts when I run, so I’m stuck jut trying to zone out. I’ve also had the experience of certain aches feeling better during faster running – I think it’s because your form improves when you run faster and you likely strike more on your forefoot than you do when you’re running slow. That’s my theory, anyway.

    Here’s hoping these are just some phantom pains and won’t bother you on race day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Visual boredom is a great way to describe the experience of the treadmill!

      I think there’s something to the idea that aches and pains hurt less when running fast because you run with better form. I also tend to run with more of a toe/forefoot strike when I’m going faster, and I think that might contribute as well.


  2. I hate watching the dot go around the track but to be honest, from swimming so long at least it’s a little more visual than the bottom of the pool.

    I always thought aches and pains were felt less because of adrenaline but honestly I have absolutely no clue if that is accurate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think adrenaline plays a role in why I hurt less during races, but I noticed with my knee, it actually hurts less during intervals too, which don’t typically get my adrenaline pumping.

      I actually don’t mind staring at the bottom of the pool nearly as much as I mind the treadmill. For some reason, it’s easier for me to space out in the pool. (Of course, it’s also harder to count laps which makes it less practical to just space out!)


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