Sneak peek of my new bike

If you follow my blog much, you probably know that last week, my car was stolen.  With my bike inside.  It’s been a rough week as I’ve figured out my car situation, but I’ve finally purchased and registered a car.  It’s unfortunate because car shopping (and bike shopping) should be a really fun and exciting experience.  However, every time I look at my car, my heart drops a little as I remember my poor little Honda Accord.  Turns out, rebound relationships are hard.

Now it’s time to switch my focus to replacing my bike.  I find myself facing the same dilemma.  When I start thinking about a new bike, I remember my wonderful Cannondale CAAD10, and any excitement I am feeling about finding a new bike is dampened considerably.

But on Tuesday, I had a moment.  Rob found a great deal on a carbon aero road bike frame through a friend of his.  I was excited on a practical level to find a nice frame for an excellent price, but I couldn’t muster up the feeling of love I get for my favorite toys.  I had decided to go with that frame, but Rob surprised me by bringing it home from work on Tuesday evening.  When I got over to his house, he took it out of the box, and I felt a familiar stirring of true excitement over this gorgeous frame.  The excitement was muted, of course, by thoughts of my Cannondale, but it was nice to feel the stirrings of joy over a new bike.  Once I have grieved my Cannondale* and built up this new bike, I think I’ll be ready to fall in love with it.


*I get strangely attached to inanimate objects.


10 thoughts on “Sneak peek of my new bike

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    Yay! Congrats on the new bike! I think it looks awesome!!

    Sorry again about your car :-(. I used to own an Accord myself, so sad. Hondas are theft-magnets. I’m in a neighborhood watch Facebook group and it seems every other day someone is posting about a stolen car and it is always Honda after Honda after Honda. I never knew so many other people had Accords until now!

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    1. I guess they are super easy to break into. You can apparently file down an old Honda key and get into pretty much any other old Honda.

      The bike is pretty great! You can’t tell from the picture, but the black portions aren’t painted– it’s just lacquered carbon, so you can see all the carbon weaving/grain. It’s kind of hard to describe, but if you’re interested, here’s an example of what it kind of looks like:


      1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

        Around here, apparently they are attractive because they are a goldmine for certain parts for street racers. It’s pretty common for them to be stolen and then found stripped later.

        Love the lacquered carbon!!

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      2. Yes, that happens here sometimes too. That, or they are just driven hard for a few weeks or months and found abandoned later. I guess there’s an 85% retrieval rate for stolen cars in my area, so it’s likely it will turn up again sometime. But it might be a while, and it might not be in good shape…


      1. Ugh, that stinks for you! I got my car broken into once when I was in the middle of moving, so it was full of my belongings that they stole. The thieves smashed the window and broke the lock, so there was damage to the car to be fixed, but my insurance didn’t cover the stolen items, which made me really mad since I had both car insurance and renters insurance from the same company. They claimed it only covered stolen items in my home, not my vehicle.

        Long story short, it’s got to be stressful for you to be dealing with this because I was a mess when a lesser theft happened to me.

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      2. That’s so frustrating! It does make me feel a little better, though, that renter’s insurance might not have helped me in this case since my bike got stolen from my car and not my home. It’s been super stressful! I think one of the reasons I bought a new car almost right away is that the stress was just hitting the “too much to bear” level. After I bought a car, I at least felt like the whole ordeal would come to an end sooner rather than later!


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