Hey, I’m 28 now!

It’s my 28th birthday!

I went back and forth about whether or not I should write a birthday post.  It felt (well, feels) a little narcissistic, but it also seemed like a thing to mention.  Obviously, I decided to write one.  But I wasn’t in the mood to write a heartfelt letter to my past or future self.  And, let’s be honest, I don’t have an impressive social life that would create a fun, fast-paced birthday celebration narrative.

So instead, I decided to briefly chronicle the past year with some photos.  I moved to Salt Lake City just a few days before my birthday last year, so this year has been one full of changes and new experiences.

Rob and I visited Temple Square before Christmas.  Every year the LDS church decorates with some serious Christmas lights.
Rob’s cute little crooked Christmas tree with a lot of loot.
I didn’t have much time to take off, but I was able to visit my family for a few days over the holidays.  This little guy had a big second Christmas.
I passed out in January and got a nice war wound.  This one wasn’t nearly as bad as the one I got the last time I passed out in the bathroom!
I started attending the Episcopal cathedral in Salt Lake City.  I think that plus my 8:30 bedtime officially makes me a senior citizen.
Easter means Peeps!
My first ride up Emigration Canyon.  This ride was a staple the whole summer.
Delicious cookies!  I think I made these for Rob’s and my second anniversary.
I finally got a wetsuit.
My beautiful best friend’s wedding.
Dancing with Rob at said wedding.  I even managed to sport a pair of (low) heels!
Mr. Pip loves to sleep in boxes, being a cat and all.
Rob and I at the MS 150 (a century on Saturday and a 50 miler on Sunday)
Mr. Pip fell asleep working late again.
I did one Olympic triathlon over the summer…
…and one half-iron relay with Rob and my dad. (Excuse my crazy eyes.  It was early.)
I visited Idaho for each of my niece’s and nephews’ birthdays.
And I met my brand new niece for the first time ever.
And finally, I made some killer pies for Thanksgiving.

And that brings us about up to today.  Being 27 has been a bit crazy for me.  I moved to a new state and started a new job.  I signed up for an Ironman and started training for my first marathon.  We’ll see how being 28 treats me.  Fingers crossed!


8 thoughts on “Hey, I’m 28 now!

  1. Birthday!!!!!! Happy birthday, my friend! I hope you have a great day – you had an awesome year! Love that you posted a picture of peeps – the Just Born HQ is in my hometown and they are made here! They even drop a giant Peep at midnight on New Years Eve and host a 5K 🙂


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