Weekly Recap (10/26-11/01)

Monday: Swim—Masters swim class (2950 yds)
Last week, I made the observation that 200s are the 800s of the pool—in other words, that they suck.  Wouldn’t you know it, this week we did a 200 workout.  Because of course we did.  It was basic enough that I remember it:
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
4 x 50 (closed fist)
4 x 50 (maximizing distance per stroke)
8 x 200 @ 3:45
50 (fast!)
100 (very easy cool down)
I was really bad at watching my times, but I think I finished most of the 200s between 3:20 and 3:25.  I had to push myself to keep the pace up on these, and I employed a little trick that I use sometimes during tough swim workouts.  For the first four, I did bilateral breathing (every third stroke).  For the second four, I switched to breathing every other stroke which (kind of literally) gives me a second wind.  One of my fellow lane-mates mentioned how well I did at keeping my pace even over the course of the workout, so I guess it worked pretty well.  One thing I really noticed today was how tired my legs were.  A strong kick helps with body position and with speed which makes it important for the short distances we do in masters, so you can’t get away with not using your legs.  They were burning as much as my arms were by the end.

Tuesday: Run—5.1 miles (43:16)
I thought this was going to be a rough run.  I was still at Rob’s parents’ house (they all got back late, late Monday night), so I was planning on running a truncated version of the hilly route I ran last Sunday.  I desperately wanted to roll over and go back to sleep when my alarm went off.  When I got up, my legs felt tight and heavy. But I went out anyway, and the run actually ended up being okay.  I was speedier on the downhill sections than I had been on Sunday, and more importantly, even with the increased speed (and jarring), I didn’t get any bad side cramps.  Side cramps have been my plague the last few months, and I think I’m finally figuring them out.  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the 8:29/mile pace I ended up with.

Wednesday: Bike—13.84 miles (46:29)
I decided to bike during my lunch at work instead of before work (too dark and cold!) or after work (too little motivation!).  I came in early so I could take a long lunch and get a decent bike ride in.  There is a paved path along an irrigation canal not far from my office.  During the day, hardly anyone uses it, so I can go pretty hard without worrying about running over kids or dogs or strollers.  It was overcast and cooler than I hoped for, but I was plenty warm with arm warmers and knit gloves.  I was actually surprised at how short the path was.  I decided to turn around when it crossed the irrigation canal, but maybe next time, I cross over and see where it goes from there.

Thursday: REST
I was glad to have this rest day.  I needed to catch up on some sleep and get some stuff done in the evening, so not having to squeeze in a workout before or after work was wonderful.  Plus, it was cold, cloudy, and nasty outside.  I generally do my workouts regardless of the weather, but I don’t tend to enjoy them in bad weather.

Friday: Swim—Mini swim meet
Say what?!  I decided to go to masters on Friday because it was too cold to ride and I didn’t want to run.  I got there, and to my surprise some of the ladies were talking about a practice mini-meet.  Well, okay then.  We did a meet warm-up, I re-learned how to start from blocks (kind of—I kept losing my goggles), and the coach explained the whole process.  There were 50 and 100 options for all the strokes, but I just did the freestyle ones because, well, I was kind of intimidated and didn’t want to embarrass myself by sucking at the other strokes (because I do, in fact, suck at them).  If I were to do it again, I would do the 50 butterfly.  The nice thing about the butterfly is that practically no one is proficient at it, so I wouldn’t be the only one.  Anyway, when I started for the 100 freestyle, I didn’t lose my goggles (score!), and I actually had a surprisingly good time—1:10.94.  It was actually the fastest time of the day.  And I felt it.  I could barely pull myself out of the pool afterwards.  Unfortunately, I almost lost my goggles during the start of the 50 freestyle.  They kind of opened up and let a bunch of water in but didn’t actually fall down.  So not being able to see well and being a little worried about losing contacts messed me up a little, but I still swam it in 0:33.34.  I maybe could have done a second or two faster without the goggles thing (it hurt my already kind of pathetic flip-turn).  Regardless, it really was a lot of fun, and I felt good about how I did.  It actually got me thinking that I may want to move up a lane because I was swimming very similar times to the women who usually occupy the lane above mine.

Saturday: REST
Saturday was an accidental rest day.  For some reason, I got really sick on Friday night.  For about three hours, I was vomiting every 10-20 minutes.  I’m still not sure what caused it, but I got over it quickly.  However, I was still feeling the effects on Saturday and figured I’d focus on rehydrating and refueling instead of trying to force a run or bike ride in.

Sunday: Run—9 miles (1:14:33)
I started the day off with a run.  I was super grateful for the change back to standard time, and it was really nice to start my run after sunrise.  The route is pretty hilly, and there are a few hills in the middle of the run that tend to tire my legs out.  So on the way back, I had to push myself a bit to keep up my pace.  I was running comfortably hard, but I felt good.  The last mile or so was downhill, and I’ve historically really struggled with side cramps during this part of my run.  Today, my sides felt good, though, and while I could feel the beginning twinges of a cramp, I kept it at bay.  My pace at the end was 8:17/mile.  I was considering a bike ride after church, but everything was so overcast and spooky that I played Halloween video games instead.

Spooky pumpkins for Halloween! :D
Spooky pumpkins for Halloween! 😀

5 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (10/26-11/01)

    1. Well, 1:10 for the 100yd freestyle. That comes out to about 1:17 for 100m, I think. You should definitely get back into the pool! I seriously can’t believe what a good workout swimming is when you’re really pushing it. I thought my arms and legs were all going to fall off today.

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    1. Thanks, I appreciate it! Blogging really helps me stay accountable in my workouts. I imagine the gap between my last triathlon and the beginning of my marathon training (this week… yikes!) would look way different if I weren’t tracking my workouts like this. 🙂


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