Weekly Recap (10/12-10/18)

Monday: Swim—Masters swim class (2800 yds)
The masters workout this week was hard, probably the hardest I’ve done so far.  We did a lot of 100s.  100s are hard for me because they are in-between what I can do “fast” and what I can do “paced.”  They’re like running hard 400s.  This workout was pretty simple, though, so I was actually able to recall the details of the sets afterwards.  So, if you were curious, here’s a sample of a masters swim class workout:
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull
8 x 50 (closed fist)
10 x 100 @ 1:50
100 easy
10 x 50 @ :55
100 easy
100 fast (1:23)
Those 100s.  They were tough.  I was still be sucking wind from the one I just finished when I started the next one.  Pushing myself in the pool like this is good for me, and I’m crossing my fingers that the results will show up next season.

Tuesday: Run—5.1 miles (43:01)
This was just an average morning run, although I did get tired sooner than normal.  It could have been the last after-effects of my race on Saturday or the fact that I stayed up fairly late last night.  Either way, it was a pretty solid run at an 8:26/minute pace.  It’s getting colder and colder in the mornings here.  Pretty soon I’m going to have to graduate from tank tops on these morning runs.  I’m not looking forward to it.  I’m not a huge fan of winter, and it’s really easy for me to lose my motivation.  I still do my workouts, but I just trudge through them.  Plus, Salt Lake City usually gets quite a bit of snow which can make it hard to coordinate runs.  It is what it is, but I don’t have to like it.

Wednesday: Bike—Emigration Canyon (1:19:01)
I finally got back on the bike today.  I was excited to see how I felt on the bike after a rest week, especially considering I’ve been chasing my PR on this workout for most of the year.  Early on in the season, there was a strong tailwind going up Emigration and I managed a solid time to the top.  I’ve been close to hitting it recently, but despite being in better shape than I was when I set that record, I haven’t managed to best it.  Within the first 200m of my ride, I glanced down at my gears and thought, “Wow, I didn’t realize I was in such a hard gear!”  That was the moment I thought I might have the legs to hit my PR.  I wasn’t sure which way the wind would be blowing, but at the mouth of the canyon, it seemed like I would be getting a light tailwind.  So I pushed myself through the climb and kept myself just a bit faster than was comfortable.  I came to the final climb, which is quite a bit steeper than the rest of the canyon, and worked on keeping a high cadence in the toughest gear I could handle.  My legs were burning, and I literally could not suck in enough air.  Once I could see the top, I knew I’d hit my PR, but I pushed it in hard anyway and came in at 51:58, over two minutes faster than my previous best of 54:02.  I felt great riding back down the canyon, but I crashed for the rest of the evening after my ride.

Two minute PR
Two minute PR

Thursday: Run—30 minutes
This was just your basic recovery runs.  For easy recovery runs like this, I run solely by time and don’t check my distance afterwards.  I often do the same when I do a short recovery ride.  I don’t want to feel internal pressure to push the workout harder than I should.  There’s generally not much to say about these runs, but today I found a little matchbox car and brought it back home with me.  So that’s fun.

Friday: OFF
I rested today and spent the day driving up to Idaho to meet my new little niece!  She is so tiny—I always forget how small newborns are.

Saturday: Run—9 miles (1:12:09)
I had the opportunity to run with my dad this weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  We’re running my “marathon” together in February*, so I’m always happy to run with him when I’m in town because we’re always running similar distances.  Runs definitely go by faster when there is someone to chat with.  Plus, his routes are flat, and the elevation is lower which means I always feel way better running with him than by myself in Salt Lake.  My only concern about my running is that I’m worried I may be training for too slow a marathon.  We did this nine mile run at an 8:01/mile pace (but a lot of that time was made up for in the last mile).  I’m planning on running my marathon at a 9:00/mile pace.  I think I can run faster than that, so I might consider cutting some time off my training paces, even if I still run the marathon-length run at the originally planned pace.

Sunday: Run—800m, 6 x 800, 800m
I didn’t bother to bring my bike up to Idaho because I knew it would be tough to fit a ride in.  I decided to do intervals on Sunday instead.  I figured that a long run on Saturday and intervals on Sunday would be a tough combination workout. I was right.  My legs never quite loosened up, and they were heavy from the start. Additionally, it was a little harder than I expected to track my pace because the track I was using had barriers up in the first three lanes to keep punks like me from ruining their new surface.  So I had to run in lane 4.  Still, I pushed myself and hit some the paces I was aiming for with one minute of rest in-between.  My times were as follows: 3:14.96, 3:23.09, 3:20.27, 3:20.87, 3:23.86, 3:20.86.  Immediately after my 800m cool-down, I got in my car and drove 360 miles back to Utah.  Now I’m stiff and sore.

*My marathon won’t be a race because nothing fits my Ironman schedule well.  It will be a 26.2 mile training run along a local marathon route.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (10/12-10/18)

  1. YOUR 100S THOUGH – SICK. I swim in a meter pool and it’s a good day when I can break 1:40 in a 100. Though, I haven’t swam in about a month so I’d be lucky to break 1:50! I need to get back in the pool this week. Maybe I’ll use your workout!!! I really like it! I have a bunch of workouts from my old coach and I have a few books with workouts. I swam in high school (I was never ever fast) and can usually come up with something but I like the one you posted! We have a master’s swim club at my pool but the people are awful. My friend swims at another pool in town and her master’s club is AWESOME. I wish I could go there, but the times don’t work with my schedule! You are lucky to have a good group!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Meter pools make a surprisingly big difference! I remember doing some calculations from yards to meters a while back and being shocked. At fast (for me!) speeds like I was doing the 100s, it’s a good 9-10 seconds between 100m and 100yds.

      That’s a huge bummer about the swimmers being jerks! I kind of lucked out into my masters group because I just got a membership to the cheapest pool in the area. I think a lot of them are triathletes, and I’m pretty sure during the summer, they have one open water practice a week. It’s a great resource! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The masters group at the other pool in my area is a group of triathletes. I love when I get to drop in and swim with them! Problem is, I either swim at 5am or at 3:30 pm. My pool is free during those times, but the other pool is closed for things like swim lessons, etc. They also don’t open until 5:30, which definitely doesn’t work for me since I need to be out of the pool by 6am!

        Liked by 1 person

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