Weekly Recap (10/05-10/11)

Monday: Swim—Masters swim team (2500yds)
Today we swam more of a distance set in masters, meaning that instead of 25s, 50s, and 100s, we swam 100s, 200s, and 300s.  These distances are closer to what I’m used to swimming, so the familiarity was nice.  I got some good feedback on my stroke.  Apparently, if I extend the reach of my arms and concentrate on pulling all the way through the finish of my stroke, my hips will not sink in the water as much.  I tried it out, and it did help.  I’m getting the impression that my hips sinking in the water is my biggest stroke weakness.  That’s probably why the buoyancy of a wetsuit helps me out so much during open water swims.  Anyway, I felt strong during this workout and was leading the second slowest lane.  Plus, as I was leaving, I saw the coach and he said to me, “Good work in there today!”  I don’t even care that I know he would have said that to any of the folks who had done masters that day—it made me feel awesome!

Tuesday: Rest
This rest day was both welcomed and unwelcomed.  I needed it.  I was tired, and my body needed both the extra sleep and the rest.  But I had also been feeling anxious which made me want to get out there and work out because exercise is a coping mechanism for me.  However, I know rest is important, and I needed it on Tuesday, so I took stuck to my guns and kept the rest day I had planned for.

Wednesday: Run—5.1 miles (42:44)
When I started my run, I could definitely still feel the speed work from Sunday.  My legs weren’t still tired from the workout, but they were still a bit sore.  Most of the soreness wore off as I warmed up, and I felt pretty good during the run.  Lately, I’ve been feeling good about where I am with my running.  An 8:23/mile pace isn’t really anything impressive, but for runs at 5:30 in the morning, that’s about as fast as I’ve been since college.  (My morning runs have never been particularly impressive…)  I spent most of the past couple of years really focusing on cycling and just cruising on my natural running talent and previous experience.  I’m hoping that, by focusing on running this winter, I’ll see some real improvements.

Thursday: Bike—30 minutes
Another easy bike ride before work, just to shake my legs out.  I’m not entirely sure that my MOAR MILES MOAR EFFORT IRONMAN self enjoyed this rest week.  As much as my brain knows that rest is important, my obsessive nature is equally certain that this very week is crucial to my success next year.  However, I can tell my body needed it.  I feel more rested, more excited about workouts, and stronger. And my BINGEWATCH NETFLIX OMG ZOMBIES self loved it.

Friday: Rest
I spent another day resting up.  Physically, I was feeling very recovered on Friday.  I was less tired, and I wasn’t dragging that way I had been.

Saturday: Run—5k race (22:45)
Overall, I felt very good about this race.  Keep an eye out for an upcoming race report in which I will discuss it in more detail.

Sunday: Rest
This was an unplanned rest day.  I wanted to get a bike ride in, but Rob and I were out late (like, past midnight!) watching a Utes football game with family which meant it would have been a real chore to get up at 7:00am and go on a bike ride before church at 10:30.  The Broncos were playing around 2:30, so the afternoon was kind of shot as well.  I was pretty sore from the race the day before, so I allowed myself to rest.  It was a good lesson in not being obsessed.  Expect to see some hard workouts recapped next week, though, because I’m getting pretty antsy.


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