Weekly Recap (9/28-10/04)

Monday: Swim—Masters swim team (2500yds)
It is a lot harder to motivate myself to get up early when I’m going to do really taxing workout than it is when I’m just doing a few long sets. So I did not want to wake up on Monday morning. But I’m glad I did (of course). The nice thing about masters is that there is some element of form-work every day, usually through drills. As such, I’ve gotten more help on my form in the past few weeks than I have all year. Even after just a few weeks, I’ve got a better idea of what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. I’m hoping that progress is in my future.

Tuesday: Run—5.1 miles (42:23)
Another day where I didn’t want to wake up. I’m sensing a pattern here. But I’ve trained myself to keep morning workout commitments to myself, so I was up and out the door 15 minutes later. I felt solid on this run. I warmed up quickly and was able to push the pace a little. I hit green light on all but one of stop lights that usually force me to stop and wait, so there was no rest for me today. I noticed I dropped my pace a bit about three fourths of the way through the run when I really didn’t need to. I just got bored and distracted. Accidentally dropping pace is something I need to work on, and I think the long runs I’ve got planned for my marathon training this winter will help. I actually kicked it in a bit the last few blocks and finished with an 8:19/mile pace overall. I’m not convinced my run fitness has been drastically improving over the course of the last months or so, but my ability to run in the mornings definitely has.

Wednesday: Bike—Emigration Canyon (1:23:04)
On my way home from work, it was overcast with a moments of sprinkling. It felt a bit like a storm was moving in, too, because it was so still. So I considered skipping this workout all together. But when I checked the weather, I saw that there was no rain predicted all evening. And the cloud cover had cooled everything down nicely. So I trusted the weather forecast, hopped on my bike, and started up Emigration Canyon. And the weather was perfect—cloudy with what might have been the slightest hint of a headwind. I made it to the top quickly (about 55:45), but not quickly enough to grab that elusive PR (about 54 minutes). If not this year, I’m sure to grab it next year! There was a tragedy on the descent. I killed a chipmunk. With my bike. I feel pretty bad, but there was nothing I could have done. Those little buggers are completely unpredictable, and by the time I realized I may hit it, it was too late to slam on my brakes. That’s dangerous at 30mph. I descended fast (which is what clued me in that I may have had a headwind while climbing) and ended up finishing the 22 mile ride in 1:23:04. When I started riding this route in early spring, it would typically take me over an hour and a half to complete it. Improvement is wonderful!

Autumn and overcast-- perfect!
Autumn and overcast– perfect!

Thursday: Rest
I usually take Friday as a rest day, but I was really feeling life in general by Wednesday night, so Thursday was a great day to sleep in. I also enjoyed vegging out directly after work. Days off are wonderful.

Friday: Bike—30 minutes
I got up, got all dressed, and took my bike outside in the dark only to feel a few drops of rain. No big deal, right? Well, five minutes in it started raining pretty hard. Plus, I was riding against the wind, so I was getting cold, hard raindrops in my face. It sucked, so I turned around a bit early. I was still out thirty minutes because I was going slowly because it made the rain more tolerable.

Saturday: Bike—(1:17:04)
Rob and I left for this ride about midday. It was a beautiful, overcast day and we were hoping to cover some ground within the city and really enjoy the fall colors. But about fifteen minutes into the ride, it started raining and kept raining at various intensities for the rest of the ride, only to clear up just as we were getting back to his place. We only went about 16.25 miles. If you do the math, you’ll realize we were going nice and slow—this was more of a take-it-easy ride than a workout. I don’t feel bad for being defeated by the weather at this point. I’m trying to be more flexible and less obsessive about my workouts while I have that freedom.

Sunday: Run—800m, 8 x 400m, 800m
This was my attempt to redeem myself after my failure of a speed workout last week. I set out to run my 400s in 1:45. And, much to my relief, I was able to exceed that goal. I ran most of the 400s between 1:35 and 1:40, with a few even faster. And I even took a page from my swimming workouts and timed the rest I took between reps. I limited my rest to 45 seconds, except after my fourth 400 (in other words, the halfway point) where I rested for a minute and a half. The first few 400s, I was actively holding myself back. The last couple I had to push myself. And I think that’s probably the way it should be. I felt good about this workout, and it really served to lift my confidence in my readiness for marathon training.

Sunday morning at the track
Sunday morning at the track

You may notice a pattern in this week’s workouts. A lot of my recaps contain something along the lines of, “I really didn’t want to work out, but…” To me, this says that I need to take a break. My body feels okay, but mentally, my workouts were a big of a drag. I’m going to take next week a little easier in the hopes of giving myself a mental break. I don’t want to burn out, especially with marathon training coming up.


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