Weekly Recap (9/14-9/20)

Monday: Swim—300 swim, 300 kick, 300 swim, 300 pull
This is typically an easy, recovery-type swim workout for me. I’ve been trying to do a pretty hard work out for my one swim workout a week, and this one obviously doesn’t fit the bill.  I had a rough Sunday, not workout-wise but just life-wise.  So I decided for my own mental health to do an easy swim.  That was part of the bargain to get me out of bed at 5:00am.  And I don’t feel too bad about it.  In this case, an easy recovery swim was a better option than skipping the workout all together and a more feasible option than forcing myself through a tough workout.

Tuesday: Run—5.1 miles (43:24)
It had been stormy here in Salt Lake, and it was supposed to be stormy for the next few days.  So I felt lucky when it wasn’t raining and the wind wasn’t terrible Tuesday morning when I got up.  This was a pretty average run.  I felt tired (how can you not when it’s 5:30am?) and stiff, but I did the run in an 8:30/mile pace which is pretty normal for me for this kind of run.

Wednesday: Swim—Masters swim team
I did my first practice with a local masters team today which was scary (because people!) but fun.  The coach was very nice and understanding that I was completely new to a swim team environment.  It turns out that on Wednesday, they work on specific strokes.  Today was breaststroke which I hadn’t done in at least seven years (wow, I’m old…).  So, it was tough.  Not only is my form questionable at best, but my breaststroke muscles are not in good shape at all.  The shoulder muscles it uses are somewhat different than what front crawl uses, and the leg muscles are very different.  The breaststroke kick uses the groin muscles, and it certainly felt like I don’t use those muscles much.  I didn’t notice my shoulders until later. I drive to work straight from the pool, so I didn’t notice my shoulders tightening up until I got off the freeway about 45 minutes after getting out of the pool and starting taking 90° turns.  Turning the steering wheel kind of hurt. I’m definitely planning on going back once a week or so, and maybe twice a week during the winter.  But… maybe I’ll skip breaststroke days…

Thursday: Rest day
I was sore.  So, since the weather was a bit iffy and I planned watching the football game in the evening, I took Thursday as my rest day.

Friday: Run—30 minutes
I just ran based on time and feel—I don’t know what my pace was at all.  I didn’t get to bed until late the previous night because of the aforementioned football game (go Broncos!), so I decided to sleep in and do my run during lunch.  It was nice to run while it was fully light outside.  And, as a bonus, when I got back, HR was giving out free root beer floats.  Score!

Saturday: Bike—Big Cottonwood Canyon (4:02:09)
I decided to ride Big Cottonwood Canyon again this weekend, maybe just to prove to myself that I could really do it.  This time, I started from Rob’s place which adds another 12 or so miles to each end of the ride. I ate a good breakfast (one egg, a bowl of cereal, and a banana) and took a sleeve of Pop-Tarts and $2 with me.  The first, steep part of the canyon was a bit tougher when I wasn’t on fresh legs, and I felt like I was going really slow, maybe because there was no one else there to distract me.  But I felt reasonably strong up to the top.  I bought and ate some Reese’s before heading back down, which wasn’t nearly as easy as I would have liked due to a fairly strong headwind.  When I had about ten miles until I got back to Rob’s place, everything hurt—my butt, my legs, my arms, my neck, everything.  But, as tired as I was, I didn’t bonk.  I definitely didn’t have any more miles left in me when I finally got back, though.  This ride ended up being 54.5 miles long with about 6,000 feet of elevation gain.


Sunday: Run—3.5 miles (31:47)
After Saturday’s ridiculous effort, I decided to do a 3.5 mile easy run instead of my regular 7 mile run.  I’m glad I made this decision before I started my 7 mile route because I’m honestly not sure my legs could have carried me that far.  I was rethinking the decision to run at all after about half a mile.  I made it through the run at a 9:05/mile pace.  As much as I viscerally hate seeing a pace that slow for such a short run, I’m totally okay with it because I know how tired my legs were from the day before.


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