Weekly Recap (9/07-9/13)

Monday: Run—5 miles (38:42)
I have no idea what happened on this run.  The average pace was 7:44/mile which is much, much faster than usual for me.  In fact, if you’ve been following my workouts at all, you may remember that just last week I was frustrated by a 5 mile run at an 8:51 pace.  Even though this was over a minute per mile faster than that run, it didn’t feel noticeably harder until the last mile (which I ran in about 7 minutes).  Maybe it was the elevation difference (I was in Nampa which is a couple thousand feet lower than Salt Lake City) or maybe it was because I was running with my dad and subconsciously wanted him to be impressed (success!).  Whatever the case, this run was great, and I can only hope more of my runs turn out like this.

Tuesday: Swim—4×500
There’s not much to say about this workout.  It’s a basic mid-distance workout for me, and I didn’t time any of the 500s because my watch band was broken.  I got a new watch, though I just got a cheap one because committing to the cost of a Garmin is too much for me right now.

Wednesday: Bike—Emigration Canyon (1:23:54)
I was a little nervous for this ride considering how unpleasant my last post-work trek up Emigration was.  I made sure to hydrate and brought some cereal to work to eat before leaving so I wouldn’t be stuffing my face right before taking off on my ride.  (Turned out this was a good idea.)  So, after work I started my ride with the goal of riding strong and not throwing up.  I felt strong most of the ride, and when I turned into the final switchback, I got a sudden burst of energy due to a woman right in front of me and the hope of breaking my PR.  I passed the woman easily, and ended up just 28 seconds shy of my PR.  I know I’ll get it soon.  On the way back down, the woman passed me back, then I passed her, then she passed me when I was on the side of the road with a flat (but she did ask me if I needed anything!).  I fixed my flat and made it back with a total time of 1:23:54.  Not bad!

Thursday: Bike—30 minutes
I just did a quick spin in the morning.  I’m really enjoying having one full rest day and one day where all I do is a very easy spin.  I may keep that up through the winter.

Friday: OFF
This was my rest day this week which I probably needed before my big ride the next day.

Saturday: Bike—Big Cottonwood Canyon (2:38:08)
This was my first time braving Big Cottonwood Canyon.  I’m going to post about the ride in more detail later, so I’ll keep this pretty short—it was gorgeous, and I was pleased with how I felt on the way up.  Overall, this ride was 31.43 miles long with over 3,000 feet of climbing, so it was a solid workout for sure.

Sunday: Run—7 miles (58:02)
After running so well in Nampa, I think I had a bit more confidence coming into this run.  I did my usual Sunday morning route which contains some pretty obnoxious hills.  And I felt pretty good.  Halfway through my run, I do a loop around a park with some hills, and it’s easy to slow down. But there was someone behind me during that stretch who helped me keep my pace up.  I just kept up a good pace on the way back (which is mostly downhill).  I focused on my breathing to help avoid side cramps, and I was able to break an hour pretty easily and hit an 8:17/mile pace overall.


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