Weekly Recap (8/31-9/06)

Monday: Swim—2 x 50, 400, 4 x 100, 300, 3 x 100, 200, 2 x 100, 2 x 50
I don’t think waking up at 5am will ever not feel early (when I go to bed at 10pm, at least…).  But still, with some complaining, I was up and getting ready for the pool.  Now that I’m only going to be swimming once a week most weeks, I want to really push myself in the pool.  And I did that today.  Except for the 50s (which were for warming up and cooling down), I did the long sets at a pretty easy pace and the short sets hard.  More specifically, I swam the short sets hard enough that after the first 50, I thought to myself, “Ugh, I’m only half done!”  This swim felt pretty tough, but I was watching the clock during my recovery sets and was moving pretty quickly, so I think it just felt tough because I was swimming hard which is exactly the way it should be.

Tuesday: Bike—Emigration Canyon (1:28:27)
This ride destroyed me.  It must have been the heat because I was well-hydrated and reasonably well-fueled for this post-work ride.  But the temperature was into the 90s, and I was climbing with a tailwind (which doesn’t help you stay cool).  I started to feel like I was overheating no more than 15 minutes into the ride, and some pretty annoying nausea set in not long after that.  I felt sick and weak the whole way up, and I had to sit in the dirt at the top to recover a bit.  The way down was better (because I was going downhill, and that made it so much cooler), but the headwind was battering me.  I’ve never been so happy to reach a red light and experience silence.  Overall, this was a pretty discouraging ride, but not every ride is great, and I’m glad I was able to power through.

Wednesday: Run—5.1 miles (45:13)
I’m trying to get this workout recap out of the way.  This run sucked.  Maybe it’s because less than 12 hours before I started the run, I was doing a different workout that also kind of sucked (see above).  That’s what I’ve been telling myself to make myself feel better.  Regardless, I only managed an 8:51/mile for this run, and that turned it into an “I will never be able to do an Ironman!” day.  That attitude is something I need to work on.  If I lose all confidence in myself and my abilities every time I have a bad workout, I will be a very unpleasant person to be around for the next year.  So I’ve been trying to tell myself that the “No big deal!” confidence I had on Saturday and Sunday averaged with the “This will never happen!” doubt of yesterday and today still comes out to “If I work hard and take it seriously, I can do this!”  And that’s probably where my confidence level should be.

Thursday: Bike—30 minutes
It was great to shake my legs out with a really easy spin. I’ve had a lot of hard efforts the last week or so, and this was a welcome change.

Friday: REST
I spent my day off driving up to Idaho to visit my family for Labor Day. A post describing the weekend is forthcoming.

Saturday: Run—7 miles (56:57)
I did this run at an 8:08/mile pace.  WHAT.  I was planning on riding this morning, but inclement weather convinced me to run instead.  So I was already up, fed, and fully awake before I started the run.  Plus, no hills!  But I was still pretty shocked at the 8:08 pace.  My run times are all over the place, even when I put in relatively similar effort, and I can’t decide if that’s strange or if it’s too be expected.

Sunday: Bike—29.75 miles (1:40:05)
Finally got the bike ride in today!  Rob and rode around Lake Lowell, an important geographic feature in Nampa, Idaho.  The weather was gorgeous, and the ride was flat and fast (we didn’t necessarily ride it fast, but it’s a fast route).  We spent some of the time cruising at a good pace (20-23 mph) and some of the time just kind of noodling and enjoying the scenery.  Salt Lake is filled with beautiful mountain landscapes, so it was a nice change to see the late summer farmlands in Nampa.

See what I mean about the gorgeous Treasure Valley farmlands?
See what I mean about the gorgeous Treasure Valley farmlands?

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