Weekly Recap (8/09-8/16)

ATTENTION: This post is a basically just a list of the workouts I did and how I performed while doing them. The intended audience of this post is Future Katie, anyone who likes to read about other people’s misery, and maybe someone interested in triathlon training.  So skip this if you are not in one of those categories.

Sunday: OFF
I took a break on Sunday.  Rob and I walked from his place to the little café where we ate breakfast and then walked back.  That was the extent of my workout, and it was glorious!

Monday: OFF
Because I was done with my race and I could.  Also glorious!

Tuesday: Pool—300 swim, 300 kick, 300 swim, 300 pull
Back in the pool for an easy workout to really prepare for the swim leg of the Utah Toughman (half-iron distance) I’m doing with Rob (bike) and my dad (run).  This was an easy effort.

Wednesday: Pool—4 x 500
Another fairly easy (but longer) effort in an attempt to get a few good swim workouts in before “tapering” for the race next week.

Thursday: Run—5.1 miles
I ran the 5.1 miles in 44:47 for a pace of 8:47/mile.  I ran about ten minutes after I woke up which is usual for me but really hurts my pace (as you can tell).  If I’m going to improve the speed on my runs at all, I will need to start running after work or figure out a way to warm up my muscles before running in the morning.  I think this is one factor that is holding me back from improving my Olympic-distance run time.

Friday: Swim—4 x 50, 1000, 800, 600, 4 x 50
Three long sets sandwiched between a warmup and cool down.  My times and pace were as follows:

  • 1000—17:04 (1:42 per 100yds)
  • 800—13:56 (1:44 per 100yds)
  • 600—10:07 (1:41 per 100yds)

These are good times for me and give me hope that I can meet my not-yet-quite-determined goal time in my 1.2 mile swim next week (what that goal is will likely depend on if wetsuits are allowed on the course).

Saturday: Swim—2150yds (1.2 miles)
I was going to go for a bike ride on Saturday, but Rob called me up while I was eating cereal and asked if I wanted to go to breakfast.  YES.  Dumped the rest of the cereal in the trash like I didn’t even care (but I did!  I hated wasting the food!) and headed over to his place.  After a way-too-big breakfast (which I did not take a picture of because I have a strong aversion to fulfilling millennial stereotypes) and a nap, I headed out for a swim because it was too hot to ride.  I finished the swim in 39:06, maintaining a fairly easy pace until the last 200 yards or so.  This comes out to a pace of 1:49/100yds.   Not bad, and it left me feeling good for the race next week.

Sunday: Bike—Emigration Canyon
Because I didn’t ride on Saturday, I did Emigration today.  Altogether, the ride took me about 1:25.  This time is encouraging because when I first moved here, I usually did Emigration in 1:32 or so.  So knowing I’ve cut a decent chunk of my ride time for that route feels pretty good.  It was a solid ride—rode hard on the way up (for me) and took it easy descending.

On another (positive) note, my appetite has finally returned in full force. I ate a lot this weekend (a good thing!), and I didn’t have even a single moment where food that should have looked good under the circumstances made my stomach turn.  Winning.


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